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The 4 Best Sex Positions to Lose Weight ...

By Sici

It's probably right to assume that when you are having sex, the first thing on your mind is the sheer feeling of the pleasure that you are experiencing, but if you do it the right way, you can gain so many more benefits than just an orgasm! When you really think about it, sex is just a super fun form of exercise, and that means that you can actively work towards dropping some extra pounds if you know the perfect moves to make! Here are the four best sex positions to lose weight.

1 On Top

Reject traditional sexual convention and get on top! Whilst missionary sex might be a good workout for men, all you do during it is lay down and enjoy yourself. If you get on top, you have the responsibility of setting the pace, therefore getting your cardio up nice and high, and you will also be working out your core which can contribute to gaining much better defined abs!

2 Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl requires a little more dexterity and positioning which works on your core and your bum muscles at the same time! Working up a sweat in this position not only drives you to a great orgasm, but it also drives you to a huge cardio workout. That is, of course, depending on how long your boo can hold out with you doing your thing on top of him!

3 The Squat

If you work out, then you know full well how good squats can be! The squat position during sex is the ultimate combination of pain and pleasure, because you will definitely feel the burn of your muscles but you will have an orgasm building to compensate! Your metabolism will be raised and your heart rate will increase, all of the things you need to go on burning calories more efficiently in the orgasmic aftermath!

4 Doggy Style

Doggy style is a position that gets the woman off of her back and working her legs and her core. Having your man take you from behind like that requires a lot more balance and strength than you might think, and you can take it up a notch further if you want to by getting off your knees too and turning it in to more of a wheelbarrow position that involves arm strength too!

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