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How to Lose Weight without Hating Your Life ...

By Lydia

For some reason, there is this common misconception that the process of losing weight and getting fit is something that is going to make your life a misery. We all like to think about the positives that come after the pounds have been dropped, but we almost resign ourselves to the fact that we are going to be miserable during the process! Trust me, it doesn’t always have to be that way! Here are some great ways to lose weight without hating your life.

1 No Fads

Stay away from fad diets because these are the ones that usually require you to cut out whole food groups. It is when you have to go total cold turkey on a certain group that you start to feel angry, or hangry!

2 Balance

Rather than trying any kind of on-trend diet, just stick with maintaining a healthy balanced diet that lets you have everything in moderation. Lots of the good stuff, only a tiny amount of the bad stuff, that’s all it takes!


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3 Protein

Pack yourself full of beneficial protein, both through lean meats, plants, and nuts. Protein is the thing that will help you to feel fuller for longer, and less inclined to snack.

4 Nutrition

Do as much research and learning on nutrition as you can. The more you know, the more informed all of your decisions will be, and more you will understand that junk foods are atrocious!

5 Water

Work on increasing your water intake by a lot, there is no such thing as being over hydrated! Being properly hydrated will make you feel fuller during the day. You would be surprised how many people mistake thirst for hunger and snack as a result.

6 Rethink Exercise

You need to rethink what ‘exercise’ really even means for you. It doesn’t have to be in the gym with all of the intimidating people around you. It can just as easily be done at home or in the local park.

7 Healthy Fats

Don’t be scared of all fats, because some of them are actually essential for weight loss. Healthy fats found in things like avocado and oily fish are great for a healthy diet and for your metabolism.

8 Meal Prep

Give prepping all your meals on a Sunday evening a try. It is a great way to eliminate the needs to order in or grab junk food on the way home from work every day.

9 Yoga

Jump on the yoga bandwagon! It can be a great accompaniment to exercise for weight loss because it strengthens your body and helps your metabolism.

10 Dance

Dancing isn’t usually seen as a form of exercise, mainly because people think it is too fun to actually be good for you! That’s wrong though, as dancing is one of the best types of cardio you can do, just for the simple fact that you are having fun as you do it and therefore are more inclined to go on for longer!

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