Foods You Absolutely Need to Stop Eating to Lose Weight ...

By Eliza

Foods  You Absolutely  Need to Stop  Eating to Lose Weight  ...

Kudos to you if you’re embarking on a weight loss journey. It’s never easy to shed excess weight, but the payoffs are huge. You’ll be healthier and happier with a trimmed down physique. Losing weight means burning more calories than you take in. In addition to plenty of exercise, you’re also going to need to make cuts in your diet. The following foods should never be part of a weight loss meal plan. Once you reach your goal, you can go back to indulging in small portions once in a while without risk of piling the pounds back on.

1 Put down the Can of Soda and Step Away

There is nothing good about a soda, other than its delicious taste. Soft drinks are packed with sugar, which can lead to skin issues, insulin resistance and obesity. There are no nutrients in soda either. When you down your daily can or two, you are simply filling your belly with empty calories. People who nix the soda often get the weight loss results they’ve been wanting without having to make too many other dramatic dietary changes. You can do this!

2 You Might Want to Skip Your Evening Cocktail Too

A cocktail can be a great way to unwind, but many of them are way too full of fat, calories and sugar to be good choices. If you typically opt for a margarita, daiquiri or pina colada, it might be time to switch up your signature cocktail. A glass of wine, a Bloody Mary or a light beer allows you to have a drink without totally undoing all of your weight loss goals.

3 Snack Bars Are Probably Not as Healthy as You Think

You might think you’re doing your waistline a favor by having a bar instead of a full blown meal. Not only can this lead to deprivation that a drives binge, but many of those bars aren’t that much better than having dessert. Many snack bars are packed with refined carbs, sugar and sodium. With very little nutrition to go along with it, you’re probably better off just having a small meal instead.

4 Full-Fat Dairy Foods Are a No-No

Unless you are lactose intolerant or you have a dairy allergy, adding milk to your meal plan is a healthy choice for your bones. However, the full-fat versions are too high in fat and calories for a weight loss diet. Opt for the low-fat milk, cheese, sour cream and ice cream and you can save yourself tons of calories without having to give up a much loved food.

5 Be Extra Careful when You Eat Salad

A salad can be a great choice for weight loss because they can be very low in calories, but high in fiber for appetite satiety. However, some salads on restaurant menus and sold pre-made at the grocery store are terrible choices. Stay away from creamy salads and anything with tons of cheese, nuts or fried meats. Stick to a mix of veggies topped with vinaigrette and you’re good to go.

6 Frozen Dinners Don’t Have a Place in Your Freezer

While there can be some decent frozen meals out there, most of them are chock full of fat, calories and sodium, which can easily derail your weight loss goals. Even those that are kind of healthy have such small portions that you probably won’t be satisfied and may eat more later to fill your belly. You’re way better off with a simple homemade meal.

7 Be Picky about Condiments

Yes, condiments can round out a meal by adding flavor and texture, but many of them are terrible for your figure. I’m looking at you mayo, Caesar dressing and hollandaise sauce. Instead of dousing your food in these items, use more herbs and spices when you cook to give your diet flavor. Easy, right?

8 Red Meat

While it's true red meats are filled with protein, they're also filled with saturated fats which are linked to weight gain, heart issues, and clogged arteries. Swap red meats for lean meats filled with protein without the added fats.

9 Fruit Juice

You may think fruit juice is better than soda because it's fruit, however that isn't the case. Filled with sugar you don't need, you're better off having the fruit as a whole than a glass of just the juice. Unless you fresh squeeze it yourself.

10 White Rice

White rice is so easily digested by your body that it causes sudden blood sugar spikes followed by the crash leaving you craving sugar more than ever before. The excess glucose is stored as fat as well because your body can't process it. Brown rice is a better choice because it gives you slow burning energy and a fuller feeling longer.

What foods do you skip when you’re trying to lose weight?

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