Why Aren't You Losing Weight when You're Always Working out?


Trying to lose weight and feel like you are trying literally everything without seeing results? Running, walking, intervals, circuit training and every other workout are just monopolizing your time and you are failing to see results. So before you throw in the towel and give up on your goals, let’s analyze your life because I know you can do this. Assess if you are eating too much or possibly not eating enough. Are you exercising regularly and if so is this the right kind of exercise to help you to achieve your goals? And let’s look at your sleep patterns to see if you are sleeping enough. As a trainer for countless lives and your personal coach, let me help you to lose weight from all your efforts in your exercise so you can live the healthy life you deserve!

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Eating Too Much

Eating Too Much After your workouts you find yourself famished and food becomes your great friend. You savor your meal and look forward to every bite but the bites are far too much. You exercised of intense cardio for one hour today yielding a 700 calorie deficit so an 1100 hamburger is far too much for you to eat if you are trying to lose weight. Keep a food diary and analyze the calories you are consuming!


Not Eating Enough

Not Eating Enough You so want to fit in the dress for your upcoming formal event so you begin to skip meals on a regular basis and usually by late in the day, you cave in and splurge on a big meal. Your lack of regular eating is wreaking havoc on your digestive system, health and your metabolic rates. So change your bad habits and eat 5-6 mini meals every two to three hours. You will find yourself never feeling hungry, boosting your metabolism and having a heck of a lot more energy!


Not the Right Exercise

Not the Right Exercise If you are lifting weights on a daily basis and failing to get your heart rate up, it is no wonder you are not losing weight. You need to add in some cardio to challenge your body, raise the heart rate and push yourself to achieve the results that you deserve. Results are earned not handed to you so let’s put in the work now!


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation As you lay in bed restless you get up to browse the internet and then hours later you doze off, allowing yourself less than 4 hours to sleep. This is becoming an everyday pattern for you and it is causing stress on your internal system. Your body needs a break and lack of sleep can stress your body, hold you back from losing weight and possibly even cause you to gain weight. So catch some zzzs and you may even slim down as a result!



Boredom Doing the same cardio exercise every single day? You are not alone because many exercisers get in a regular routine so they naturally just stick with it. But the same regular workout can cause your body to no longer see results. You heart rate may not raise as much as well. So add interval runs, sprint and switch up what you are doing. You will be glad that you did because in a matter of a few short weeks you will see great results!



Stressed Stress is a dangerous thing for our bodies and minds. Stress can hold you back from losing the weight you are working out to lose, cause you to gain weight and drain your energy. So take a deep breath and spend 10 minutes in silent meditation. Relax your way to slim down and just feel better!


Not Staying Accountable

Not Staying Accountable Avoiding the scale is not going to help you to lose weight, in fact your stretchy pants will lie to you too! Step on the scale, face the music and weigh in on a weekly basis. And wear fitted pants every few days to remind you of where you are now, how far you have come and also how far you have to go. Accountability is a great way to help you to achieve your weight loss goals!

So keep up your fitness, analyze your eating patterns and get to bed earlier. In a matter of days you will see the results of your changes!

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