7 Disastrous Ways Stress Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts ...


7 Disastrous Ways Stress Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts ...
7 Disastrous Ways Stress Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts ...

Losing weight takes a lot of hard work, dedication, focus and getting on track to a healthier lifestyle. To achieve your weight loss goals and kick those excess pounds to the curb, it is important to get in the right emotional state. You need to feel good, be happy and stop being so worried over absolutely nothing. Sometimes we can make more over absolutely nothing and as a result we feel super stressed. And from this stress you may turn to food, not feel up to your workout or even go to sleep earlier. And this will sabotage your weight loss goals further! So don’t be your own worst enemy and check out the ways that stress can totally sabotage your weight loss goals and how you can combat this!

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Emotional Eating

Due to the stress of the day, you find yourself sitting outside the donut shop, about to ruin your weight loss efforts by making a poor food choice. Or a late night stressful meeting brings you to make cookies at home. And just like that, your healthy eating routine is off track. It's amazing how emotional eating can take over your life. So have a glass of water and create a healthy salad. Make new healthy habits that wipe out the bad and invite the good.


Too Bummed to Work out

If you are feeling stressed and everything seemed to go wrong today, you lose motivation to exercise. The body cues you to eat, rest, relax and do absolutely everything but what you really need to and that is to work out. Exercise helps relieve stress and just make you feel better. So dust yourself up and get up for a workout.


Cortisol Secretion

Your body secretes the hormone cortisol when you are stressed and this contributes to weight gain. So take a deep breath, relax, meditate and walk away from the stress. Hormonal reactions may be out of your control but preventing the stress by learning to cope is something that you can do. And you will transform your health for the better in the process!


Ghrelin Secretion

Stress can cause your body to secrete another weight gaining hormone and this is ghrelin. This hormone can have you overeating and feeling lethargic as a result. You may find yourself kicking your efforts to the curb because ghrelin sets in and you gave in to the cravings. To solve this sticky fattening problem go for a walk, have a glass of water and get your mind away from the stress immediately.



Stress can cause you to feel depressed and as a result you find yourself soon feeling tired. Do not go to sleep, but combat this by taking the opposite approach. Get up and go for a walk. Awaken your senses and get out of this unhappy state. Before long you feel better and you will not sabotage your weight loss efforts!


Making Poor Food Choices

Stress can cause you to go to your darkest place when making food choices. You may find yourself eating unhealthily, feeling down in dumps and falling off your healthy lifestyle due to your high level of stress. So prepare healthy meals to have on hand and ready to grab and go. Preparation will be the key to helping you to stay on track.


Having Trouble Getting Back into Health Routine

As stressed as you may feel, you may find yourself having trouble getting back into a health routine. But the longer you are off track, the harder it will be to reclaim of your healthy life. So get back on track starting today and set a schedule with healthy eating and exercise. Back on track for super success!

Every day you make a choice in who you want to be by your actions, food choices and your efforts. So choose to live the healthy, happy life you deserve. I promise you will be glad you did!

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I am emotional eating emotional

This is actually very true; in high school my junior year(one of the most stressful years of my life); I gained 20 pounds due to stress;stress causes people to eat emtionally or not care about their food choices.

This is so true.. Me currently 😓

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