7 Crazy Myths about Weight Loss ...


7 Crazy Myths about Weight Loss ...
7 Crazy Myths about Weight Loss ...

If you have excess body weight, there is no doubt that you need to lose it to become healthier and fitter. But, sometimes we are so desperate to lose this excess weight that we tend to fall for some of the craziest fads. Here are 7 crazy myths about weight loss that you should avoid at all costs.

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No Exercise Required

This is one of the most convenient of all crazy myths about weight loss. If you were told that you can lose all your excess weight without putting in any physical effort, you will do best not to believe it. No matter what else you do to complement your weight loss program, exercising to burn off body fat is a must.


Weight Loss by Skipping Meals

Many young people fall for this crazy myth, simply because it sounds logical. If you don’t consume calories, you won’t put on extra weight and burn the fat that you have, right? Wrong. When you don’t eat you do lose weight, but you lose muscle weight, bone density and water weight and that is not good. Also, it will come back when you start eating again.


Give up All the Sweet Stuff

Many people believe that if they just give up on all the sweet stuff like sweets and desserts, they will automatically lose weight because they seem to think that excess weight comes only in the form of sweet items. This is not true. Your lifestyle, level of physical exertion and your eating habits play a significant role in building up excess fat.


Weight Loss with Colon Cleansers

This is one of the really crazy myths about weight loss that had become very popular. The idea was that colon cleansers could increase the efficiency of the digestive system, thus helping increase the metabolic rate which burns fat faster.


Weight Loss with Soaps and Lotions

This is perhaps the craziest weight loss myth I have heard. There are creams, lotions and soaps available on the Internet that supposedly help you lose weight simply by using them. They claim that they impact the layer of fat just beneath the skin and burn it away.


Magnetic Weight Loss

This theory quoted ancient cultures that believed that magnetism can help balance and harmonize the body. When that happens, the metabolic rate of the body supposedly increases and helps you burn your fat quickly and easily.


Fat Reduction Jewelry

This is another crazy weight loss myth that is simply not true. It is claimed that specialized jewelry uses the principle of acupressure to help you lose weight. While acupressure may have immense benefits, wearing jewelry to lose weight is nothing but a crazy weight loss myth.

As you can see from these 7 crazy myths about weight loss, they are nothing more than tricks to make you spend on useless items that will do nothing for you and may even harm you. Disciplined eating and proper exercising is the only way to lose weight.

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