9 Mindsets That Make Losing Weight Harder ...


9 Mindsets That Make Losing Weight Harder ...
9 Mindsets That Make Losing Weight Harder ...

It is true that weight loss is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. If you cannot change your mentality regarding food, exercise, and lifestyle change, then it would be incredibly hard for you to experience long term weight loss and health. In my years of dysfunctional and healthy attempts at weight loss, I have noticed some mindsets that can make losing weight harder.

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Always Wishing

If you are always wishing to lose weight, to be thinner, or to be fitter, then you most likely won’t make any progress. You can’t keep wishing; you also have to do something about your situation. You have to eat better and exercise regularly. Wishes don’t come true by themselves. It is up to you to fulfill them.


Negative Thinking

A friend once told me, “You create what you think”. If you always have negative thoughts regarding your weight loss, then you will definitely have a hard time sticking to your weight loss plan. You can’t wake up each day fearing your food choices, your workout, and even giving up your vices. I think you would end up getting tired from the negative thinking and eventually giving up on your attempt to lose weight. You have to wake up with hope and optimism despite the setbacks and the hard choices you have to make.


Wanted: Fast Results

Losing weight and becoming healthier isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time and effort, as well as an unshakeable will to continue despite many disappointments. And you need that unshakeable will if you always want fast results because for sure, you will end up disappointed most of the time. If you keep your expectations and goals realistic, you are more likely to achieve them than if you expect superhuman objectives from yourself.



“I will exercise tomorrow.” “I will eat better after this party.” “I will drink more water once I buy a bottle.” If you’ve uttered statements similar to the examples, then you are most likely procrastinating. You won’t get anywhere if you keep putting off your weight loss plans. Today is the day to start your weight loss endeavor. Make better food choices today. Exercise today. Drink water right now. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Unwilling to do the Dirty Work

Weight loss is by no means easy. It involves exercise, sweating, and eating food you are not used to. When you choose to lose weight, you should be ready to go out of your comfort zone. If you are not ready for these things, then you won’t lose the pounds that weight your body down.


Deprived and Missing out

What comes to mind when you think about losing weight? Is it: no more sweets, no more drinking, no more smoking, no more regular night outs, or no more processed food? It really doesn’t help if you constantly think that you are depriving yourself or missing out on the fun things in life. The longer it takes you to accept that you need to give up certain things, the longer it will be for you to start losing weight. When you lose weight and become healthier, you don’t miss out on life; you get to experience life in a whole new light.


Constant Dieting

Dieting is not the long term solution to weight loss. If you don’t agree with me, then you are on a road to self-destruction. You will most likely end up experiencing yo-yo weight, gaining back water weight, and feeling sorry for yourself. If you want to lose and keep off the weight, you should accept that you need to make a lifelong change and commitment to have better eating habits.


Finite or Unsustainable Reasons

Your reasons for losing weight serve as motivation in times when the going gets tough. That is why you need to have a reason that you will find absolutely important. Your reason should be something that will last a lifetime, not just for a certain season or event or for someone else. Because once that person is gone or the season or event has passed, you will be tempted to go back to your old habits. You might end up gaining back the weight you lost.


Excuses and Complaints

Indeed, trying to lose weight is hard for most people. And I believe that making excuses and spewing complaints does not make it any easier for anyone. In fact, excuses make it harder for you to be honest about your situation. Complaints just make you appear like you don’t want to take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Maybe it’s time that you rethink your strategy and mentality if all you hear from yourself are complaints and excuses.

The mind is a very powerful thing. We often underestimate its power to mold our lives and to dictate our actions. If we cannot harness the power of positive and powerful thoughts then we will find it hard to be successful in losing weight, as well as in achieving a healthy and happy life. Try to look within yourself and your approach to weight loss. What mindset makes losing weight hard for you?

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Did you know Most of our weight loss is in our mind control and the power to control our food intake. 80% of weight loss is from what we eat and to get that great body you have to have a positive mindset.

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