These Sneaky Things Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss ...


These Sneaky Things Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss ...
These Sneaky Things Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss ...

Many of us may be trying to lose weight, shed fat, tone up and achieve good health while looking and feeling better. Holiday celebrations and parties do not help with their many temptations but to get through the festive season you just need to have control of your life. If you learn to control your cravings, prepare in advance and stay true to your goals, you will find it much easier to live a healthier and happier life. And if you stay stronger than your cravings, you will even find you can avoid mood swings and think clearer. If you are noticing a trend where your scale seems to go up and down, like a roller coaster, let me help to combat this. Identifying problems can make a tremendous difference. As a trainer for countless years, let me help you avoid these sneaky things that are sabotaging your weight loss.

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Drinking Your Calories

Drinking Your Calories If you choose fruity drinks, you can be wasting calories on your liquids. It is much easier to drink a large fruit shake than sit down to a large meal. You will mindlessly drink without being aware that you could be consuming 600-800 calories. Be smart and know what you are drinking. Have a piece of fruit instead of the juice - it is a much healthier choice!


Choosing Diet Pop

food, meal, breakfast, dish, brunch, Stop drinking diet soda and thinking you are doing something positive for yourself because in the long run studies show you will crave foods higher in fat. As a result of drinking diet soda, your body will actually have cravings for high fat food that can sabotage your weight loss. Have a glass of water with a slice of lemon and make a better choice for your waistline and health!


Using Exercise as a Reason to Overeat

dish, meal, eating, food, lunch, Have you ever found yourself justifying eating something unhealthy just because you worked out? Just because you exercised for 30 minutes does not justify a bowl of ice cream. That defeats the point of exercise. And this choice can sabotage your weight loss. Reward yourself with non-food related items like a manicure or at least a new bottle of polish! There's nothing better than wearing rings with freshly painted nails. And pushups look way better with nice nails!


Inconsistency in Your Portions

clothing, product, food, human body, pattern, If you starve yourself one day and then eat like your stomach is a bottomless pit the next, you can actually do a number on your metabolism. Your body will be sluggish on days when you starve your body of calories and then on big eating days you may find your body confused. Stay consistent in your eating patterns and never starve to lose weight. In the long run, undereating will defeat your goals!


Skipping Your Workout

Skipping Your Workout Have you ever skipped your workout to hang out with friends or head home and relax? I get that you have days that you may lack motivation but you have to be consistent. Rest days are the days you can take off and this is usually planned the day after a really challenging workout. Stay true to your goals and don’t be a stranger to exercise! You deserve to get in your best shape!


Wearing Loose Clothing

clothing, product, sleeve, toddler, outerwear, We all have days we want to hide in a baggy sweatshirt and relax. These days are great to chill out but this should not be every day. Studies show that you exercise harder and are more aware of making good eating choices when you wear fitted clothing. Stop wearing loose clothes around the clock as this could be sabotaging your weight loss!


Not Getting Enough Sleep

hair, human action, face, eyebrow, person, Are you staying up to catch up on your prerecorded shows? You may find your catch up time consumes you and an hour turns into several. Do not stay up late for mindless television because this can sabotage your weight loss and leave you feeling groggy. Aim to go to bed at the same time each night and make a goal of achieving 7-9 hours of sleep. Your body will thank you with less wrinkles, a better mood and a leaner body!

Do not let these sneaky things sabotage your weight loss. It is time for you to take control of your life and work to get into your best shape!

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I try n sleep 8 hours a night of sleep& I still have belly fat?

Loved this!! Thankyou so much for writing this I will Defiantly keep this post in mind for my 2016 goals!!😊

Thanks for the post ! May I add the psychological factor ❕

Clothing tip is awesome

I know!! Not getting anough sleep is keeping my belly fat alive! I m an evening person with two kids..

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