10 Fab Ways to Fight Fat Forever for Girls Done Having It ...


10 Fab Ways to Fight Fat Forever for Girls Done Having It ...
10 Fab Ways to Fight Fat Forever for Girls Done Having It ...

Do you feel like you are always looking for a plan of action to lose weight? Diet plans, intense workout plans, and weight loss trends are your daily focus and all you want is to fight the fat forever. Well the great news is that with small changes in your life you can do just this. Simple changes like becoming more active, eating frequent healthier meals, sticking to portion control and planning healthy meals in advance can transform you for a lifetime. And within 30 days of sticking to this healthier lifestyle you will adopt new habits that will stick for the better. So check out my tips because as your nutritionist and AWS writer, I want to help you fight fat for a lifetime!

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Weigh Yourself and Set a Realistic Goal

Weigh Yourself and Set a Realistic Goal It all starts with weighing yourself and setting a goal that is achievable. Make sure this is a weight that is in a healthy range for your height and body frame. Then get on track to fight fat and get in your best shape. You will better your health and look amazing from simple, effective changes!


Move More

Move More Increase your activity level to boost your metabolism and get up to move more frequently. I seriously have increased my activity level so much more through simple changes like parking far away from my errands and walking. I try to get up every hour and walk around. The more you move, the better you will feel and you can fight fat for an eternity!


Eat Healthier Meals

Eat Healthier Meals Make meal time an array of colorful veggies and lean protein; food that will nourish your body. Start eating for your health rather than choosing what you feel like eating at any given moment. Most lean folks think before the make their food choices and cravings are something pushed to the wayside. Fight fat and better your life making this simple choice starting today!


Eat Frequently in Portion Controlled Sizes

Eat Frequently in Portion Controlled Sizes The biggest downfall of busy folks looking to lose weight is that they do not eat enough times throughout the day. By bulking three meals into their day, they are making the cardinal mistake of not eating enough to boost the metabolism. It is much easier for the body to digest small mini meals than a large meal at once. So eat small, mini meals to slim down and shape up!


Plan Your Meals for the Week

Plan Your Meals for the Week To avoid dialing the pizza delivery number or dining out, plan your healthy meals out for the week. Base your grocery shopping list on this and get ready to eat for your health. Simple healthy planning can go a long way in keeping you on track to see super results!


Stock Your House with Healthy Choices

Stock Your House with Healthy Choices Throw out all the junk food, snacks and other unhealthy food from your home. If the food does not help your body, you do not need it. Start treating your body with love and respect and stock your home with food that reflects this. Having a house full of health food will make it much easier to stay on track to your goals!


Create New Healthy Habits That Make You Happy

Create New Healthy Habits That Make You Happy Your weekly reward to the ice cream shop can be swapped out for a run and massage. Your habits of eating in bed can be swapped out for sipping tea. Simple changes can make a tremendous difference in your life and help you to fight fat forever. So open your mind and be ready to slim down that waistline by making better choices for your health!


Take Your Omega-3s

fish, food, dish, produce, plant, Omega-3s are important in any diet. Full of healthy nutrition such as antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and satisfactory feelings, chia seeds are a great source of omega-3's. Otherwise, opt for a fatty fish such as salmon or a daily vitamin.


Hydrate... then HYDRATE Again

label, brand, hand, writing, Many people do not drink enough water in a day, leaving them bloated and hungry constantly. If you're properly hydrated you will quench your desire for snacks, beat belly bloat, as well as boost your metabolism. Flavor your water with lemon for an added boost or look online for flavored water recipes you can make right at home.


Don't Quit

clothing, human positions, lingerie, undergarment, muscle, This is probably the most overlooked fact in any dieters plans. Once they lose the weight they go back to old habits thinking they'll be fine. But they're not. Once the weight is lost you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to maintain the weight loss. Sure, you might allow yourself a few more cheat days than before, but, you're equipped to deal with it now.

So put on your exercise gear, get moving to fight fat forever and do not forget to nourish your body with the healthy food it deserves!

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