Metabolic Resistance Training Exercises for Girls Who Want to Supercharge Their Weight Loss ...


Metabolic Resistance Training Exercises for Girls Who Want to Supercharge Their Weight Loss ...
Metabolic Resistance Training Exercises for Girls Who Want to Supercharge Their Weight Loss ...

For those looking for the answer to weight loss, look no further than metabolic training, a program that combines cardio and strength to help you achieve your goals. This type of training will help you to build lean muscle while boosting your metabolism. For countless years celebs have turned to this training because of the great results you can achieve and now it is your chance to burn fat and supercharge your weight loss. All you have to do is raise your heart rate and work multiple muscle groups at once with exercises like these:

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Mountain Climber

An exercise that has gotten a lot of attention because it works! Mountain climbers are incredible at working your total body because this targets all your muscles. So follow along with this video so you properly perform this effective metabolic resistance exercise. And make sure you eat healthy so you will achieve your goals.



Lunges are an effective exercise that will work your larger muscle groups. If you add a pair of weights you can perform an overhead shoulder exercise while dropping your body down into a lunge. This is another metabolic resistant exercise that can do wonders for your body. So follow along as I help you in this video perform this exercise properly!



Burpees are a compound exercise that will work your entire body from head to toe. To perform this exercise be sure to engage your abs and set your goal small as you begin. As you become stronger add more repetitions to this ultra-intense metabolic resistance exercise. And feel the burn!



If you want to bump up the intensity and challenge yourself even more, perform starburst exercise. The starburst is a plyometric exercise that will work your upper and lower body while increasing your heart rate. This exercise is great to help you lose weight if you have hit a plateau. Get the metabolism moving with this super effective move!



A staple in the military routine and a timeless exercise, pushups truly are amazing. If you have a weak upper body you may feel intimidated but have no worries because you can start out easy. Begin on your knees and as you get stronger give regular pushups a whirl.



The plank is a super exercise to work your core and upper body but the key is of course performing the exercise correctly. Follow along with this video so you can learn just how to do this the right way. To add cardio to this exercise perform mountain climbers after you reach one minute of the plank exercise.


Jump Squats

Jump squats are amazing in toning your legs because of the muscles it targets your lower body. Simply lower your body and jump up high. This explosive move will boost your metabolism to supercharge your weight loss. Just make sure you make healthy eating choices to match the hard work you are putting in. You get out what you put in so lower your body and give it all you got!

With all of these effective metabolic resistance exercises and videos to help you move; are you ready to take a hold of your life and get in your best shape? Well eat healthy, follow along and get fit starting today. You deserve to achieve your goals!

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