8 Amazing Tips for a Perfect Slim Waist ...


8 Amazing Tips for a Perfect Slim Waist ...
8 Amazing Tips for a Perfect Slim Waist ...

We all want an hourglass figure, but how to achieve it? My dear, I can help. I’ve been chatting up my personal trainer (between sets of course) and he’s got loads of advice to share. Here are 8 amazing tips for a slim waist… step one in your quest for an hourglass shape!

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Bust the Myth

There’s a myth that’s so persistent, it’s damaged the resolve of even the most dedicated dieter. It must be busted, so let’s get it out of the way now: there is NO WAY to lose weight in just ONE AREA of your body. That includes, of course, losing weight or slimming just your tummy or waist. It is possible to lose weight and tone all over, including your waist, though. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue!


Watch What You Eat

There is no good way to lose weight for good, and keep it off, without following a healthy diet. Eat five small, well-balanced meals a day, focusing on whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and lean proteins, and avoid fatty foods with loads of empty calories.


Watch What You Drink, Too!

While you’re watching what you drink, to get your hourglass figure, also watch what you eat! Did you know one Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks contains 500 calories? That’s about the number of calories you ought to consume in one entire meal… wow!


Exercise Regularly

Just like there’s no good way to lose weight or get a slim waist without a healthy diet, you also can’t do it without regular, strenuous exercise. Any product or pill that tells you otherwise is flat out lying, so don’t be scammed. Plan to exercise four days a week, for about an hour each day, to get, and keep, your hourglass figure.


Work Your Core

While you need to get your cardio, for sure, you also need to focus on working and strengthening your core if you want a slim waist. Your core is more than just your abs, and is actually key for more than slimming your waist — it’s also great for ending back pain, for toning your abs, and for improving your posture, among other things.


The Balance Ball is Your Friend

How to work your core? Keeping slightly off-balance is key, and a good way to do that during your calisthenics is to use a balance ball or Bosu Ball. While you’re doing the same exercise as you would without the ball, using the ball forces your core to kick in to keep you from tipping… marvelous!


Crunch Time!

And yes, if you want a slim waist, you’re going to have to do the dreaded crunches. But guess what? They can actually be fun! There are so many types to try… my favorites are the decline bench sit-backs (not sit-ups) and the decline bench twist crunches… and the plain old crunch on a balance ball!


Focus Your Fashion

Even the fittest girl will look like she has a muffin top if she’s wearing jeans that are too small. Be careful when clothes shopping, especially for jeans. If you’re unsure what size to buy, get an honest opinion from a friend, or ask a shop clerk to help fit you. It also helps to go with European sizing, which tends to be more honest, and less fickle, than US sizing. Now that you have a slim waist, show it off in jeans that fit!

With so many valid tips on getting, and keeping, a slim waist, you’ll have your hourglass shape in no time. Which of these tips did you find most helpful? Or do you have another tried-and-true tip for a slim waist? Please share!

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Speaking of fashion, do you know any sites that have good deals on workout clothes?

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