18 Weight Loss Secrets from around the World ...


18 Weight Loss Secrets from around the World ...
18 Weight Loss Secrets from around the World ...

I'm here with some pretty great weight loss secrets from around the world. Pretty much every single culture has some secret for how they stay slim. With society’s increasing interest in weight loss and health, why not look to other cultures to get some fat burning tips. The following weight loss secrets from around the world are sure to send that belly packing.

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Netherlands: Chow down on Herring

Our first stop is the Netherlands. The Dutch consume nearly 85 million of these fish every single year, and raw at that. That is roughly around five fish per person in the country, which is five more than what is eaten in the US. They pickle the fish and then serve them unadorned as a snack or on a bun topped with gherkins and onions. Oily fish, such as herring, helps you to stay slim for several reasons, according to Dr. Pescatore. The fish has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to lower cortisol levels, and cortisol is known to cause an increase in the fat that accumulates around your middle. When you lunch on canned sardines or herring, it helps you eat fewer calories than if you consumed fish sticks or a burger. It wouldn’t hurt to have some mints on hand, though. This is one of my favorite weight loss secrets from around the world because it works.


Finland: Hike like Norse Gods

Hiking is one of the most popular past times in Finland. But it’s not as exotic as it sounds. All you need is some inexpensive, lightweight walking poles. When have these, they help your balance, which is perfect if you are older or if you are hiking on slippery terrain. Plus, the poles make you have to use the muscles in your torso, shoulders, and arms. That means the poles will transform your hike into a total body workout that will burn 20% more calories. Summer or winter, it is an easy way for you to add more fat-reducing benefits to your walks.


France: Sit and Chat

The French are amazing at leisurely family meals. 92% of all French families eat dinner together each night, compared to only 28% of American families. The French treat eating as an important event, whereas Americans treat it as something to do before they go out for the evening. Long meals encourage less eating. Conversation will slow down the fork and gives you the chance to notice that you are full.


In France, dining is more than sustenance; it's a cherished ritual. The emphasis on communal meals encourages mindful eating, allowing individuals to savor each bite and engage deeply with the company around the table. This not only promotes healthier eating habits but also strengthens family bonds. Importantly, as conversations ebb and flow, so do the number of calories consumed, since dining slowly often translates to eating less. By prioritizing the quality of time spent together over the quantity of food, the French have mastered the art of eating for pleasure without overindulging.


Mexico: Lunch is the Most Important Meal

Unlike Americans, who consume most of their calories in the evening, Mexicans typically eat the most between 2 and 4 pm. When you consume less food at night, you will wake up hungrier and eat a better breakfast, which will help with weight control. The best way to control your fat is to eat most of your calories at breakfast and lunch.


Japan: Take a Nap

Even in this on-the-go-country, a lot of Japanese people take a 20 to 30-minute power nap. There is more and more evidence showing that chronic sleep deprivation increases your risk for weight gain. The big culprits are leptin, which is what tells your brain you’re full, and ghrelin, which tells you you’re hungry. The less sleep you have had, the higher your ghrelin levels, and the lower your leptin. Next time you feel a bit hungry, take a short nap.


India: Get Twisted

A lot of American’s have jumped on the yoga train for its stress-reducing and flexibility boosting power, but most don’t realize how it can help weight loss. A recent study has found that yoga practitioners have a lower BMI than other exercisers. There are lots of reasons. It’s best to do yoga on an empty stomach and it can build muscle, depending on the poses, which will up your metabolism. It also helps with mindfulness, which will help you to tell if you are full.


Norway: Spend Sunday with Your Family

A Norwegian tradition is on Sunday, the entire family heads out for a hike during the summer or cross-country skiing during the winter. The Sunday tradition in America typically consists of walking to the fridge and back to the couch to watch football. Start this Nordic tradition in your family to burn tons of calories.


Hungary: Munch on Pickles

Hungarians enjoy pickled food. This not only includes cucumbers, but tomatoes, bell peppers, and cabbage. These tart foods will help to keep you thin because of the vinegar. More evidence has been found showing that acetic acid, the main part of vinegar, helps to reduce the formation of fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar.


South Africa: Try Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea, also known as red tea, is enjoyed throughout the country. It is more robust than green tea and needs no sugar because it is naturally sweet. Ditch your Frappuccino and try a cup of rooibos. It could save you thousands of calories. Cultures that enjoy tea tend to have lower obesity rates. This could be because of compounds like catechins, or because we often confuse dehydration with hunger.


Malaysia: Try Some Turmeric

This spice is an important ingredient in curries and grows wild in the Malaysian jungles. One of its biggest components is curcumin, which is a potent fat fighter. A study performed at Tufts University found that mice that were given a high-fat diet with curcumin gained less than the mice that were given the same meals without the curcumin. Researchers believe that it helps to suppress the growth of fat.


Russia: Make a Dacha Plot

Dachas, also known as country houses, where 51% of the city folks spend the summer weekends or vacations, will almost always have a garden. Russians enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables, and they can and preserve the things they grow. This means they consume a more nutritious diet.


Switzerland: Eat More Muesli

Muesli is a cereal or porridge that is made from nuts, oats, and fruits, each of which has been shown to improve weight and health. A Swiss physician came up with this food over a hundred years ago to nourish his hospital patients. The Swiss now eat if for breakfast or an evening dish. The fiber in muesli is slow to digest, which will keep you feeling full. Make sure that you check the sugar content though. It can range from 2 to 14 grams per serving.


Netherlands: Switch Gas for a Bike

The bikes in the Netherlands outnumber the people, 18 million to 16.5 million. Unlike Americans, 54% of Dutch bike owners use them for regular activities like going to work and shopping. The average person will pedal 541 miles per year. There are some traffic lights in Amsterdam that are synchronized to bike speed. Try using your bike more often to run errands that are close to your home. An average sized adult who pedals at a moderate speed will burn around 550 calories an hour.


Germany: Breakfast is Important

75% of Germans eat breakfast every day, compared to 44% of Americans. They don’t grab an Egg McMuffin either. They eat whole-grain bread, cereal, and fruit. Nutritionists have long told people not to skip breakfast. British researchers found that the brain’s reward center lights up more to high-calorie foods when you skip breakfast.


Poland: Eat at Home

People in Poland normally spend only 5% of their budget on dining out. The average American family spends around 37% of their budget at fast-food joints and restaurants. To save pounds and money, start tracking how often you are eating out and the amount of money you spend, and then cut back.


Indonesia: Fasting Every Now and then

Islam, the leading religion in Indonesia, encourages its practitioners to fast periodically: no food or drink from sun up to sun down. Other people in Indonesia practices mutih, which lets them eat white rice and water. While most experts don’t recommend fasting as a way to control weight, fasting in moderation can help you to break up patterns of mindless eating.


Brazil: Beans and Rice

The dances at Carnaval aren’t the only healthy habit that Brazilians practice. They also stay slim be enjoying beans and rice with almost every meal. A study found in Obesity Research found a diet that consists of beans and rice lowered the risk of obesity by 14%. It helps to lower fat and increase fiber content, which stabilizes blood sugar levels.


Thailand: Spice Things up

Thai food tends to be the spiciest food in the world. Hot peppers will up your metabolism, but the best benefit is the zing that slows down your eating. Americans tend to eat too fast. Once your body has the chance to tell you that you’re full, you have overeaten. Eating slower helps you control your weight, and spicy food will help you do that.

The next time that you are looking to lose a couple of pounds, or if you are just looking to create a healthier life, start implementing some of these weight loss secrets from around the world.

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Ver informative, I practice a few of these, love the yoga. I use the Asana Rebel App.

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