Types of Tummy and How to Get Rid of Them ...


Types of Tummy and How to Get Rid of Them ...
Types of Tummy and How to Get Rid of Them ...

Different types of tummy require different techniques for getting rid of it. Out of all the health, beauty and body issues that women complain about across the world, the tummy is one particular area that comes up and again and again with regards to wanting to improve, change or alter one’s shape and image. The tricky thing about working to improve your tummy is that there isn’t just a single type of issue that can be helped in three easy steps. Women’s bodies are diverse and varied, which means that their tummies will be equally as diverse and varied. In order to put yourself on the right track for sorting out your own body annoyances, for you need to pin point which of the types of tummy you are actually dealing with! Here are some of the most common tummy types, and how to get rid of them!

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Booze Tummy

This is the sort of tummy you get when your guilty pleasure it a beer or two or a glass or wine (insert your favourite tipple here) every evening. The obvious way to work toward getting rid of this is to cut down on your alcohol intake, but you can also benefit from eating healthier dinners to counterbalance the effects of the alcohol, as well as doing things like squats and yoga moves which are great for that area of your body. This is one of the types of tummy that's relatively easy to deal with by simply cutting back on the booze.


Stress Tummy

If your tummy trouble is more internal, like irritable bowel syndrome, then it might be more about your levels of happiness and calm than about your diet. IBS can often flare in times of stress, so you need to be doing everything that you can in order to make your lifestyle as anxiety-free as possible. Something practical that you can definitely do, however, is cut back on your coffee intake, as coffee is well known for stimulating that department of your bodily functions!


Hormonal Tummy

You might be one of the millions of women across the world who experience tummy issues when their time of the month comes around. Though it feels like this is something that is unavoidable, there are a few things that you can do to try to ease the symptoms. To be as kind to your tummy as possible during these times, you should try to graze on small amounts of food throughout the day rather than having big meals that encourage more uncomfortable bloating.


Mother’s Tummy

Having a baby is one of the most traumatic things that you can put your body through, and though we recover amazingly well, the signs of carrying a child are usually left on the tummy. Though you should be proud of your mummy tummy, if you do want to do something about it, some of the best ways include eating plenty of nuts, oils, and olives to try to restore the skin, as well as methods of exercise that work to tighten the muscles that were affected during pregnancy.


Enlarged Tummy

If you are prone to an enlarged tummy thanks to things like swelling and gas, then your diet is something that should be looked at first and foremost. Try cutting out wheat and gluten from your diet, as many women across the world have allergies and sensitivities to these ingredients without even realising it.

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I wear a workout band while I exercise and the sweat causes my lower belly (my problem area) to shrink. Also, when I practice not eating late I wake up with a flatter stomach

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