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56 Phenomenal Reasons to Lose Weight ...

By Leiann

Do you need some reasons to lose weight? Are you struggling with your weight loss New Year's resolution? Well, my dear, you need to know your "why" for wanting to lose weight. Usually, it is simply to, well, lose weight. Not very motivating, is it? So, I did a little research on reasons to lose weight. Myself, I have been 94 pounds and I have been 200 pounds. So, I can basically see things from every angle. I found these 56 reasons to lose weight to be my favorites. I hope you like!

1 So I Can Feel Confident!

2 To Actually Be Excited to Go Shopping, Because I Know Everything is Going to Fit Me

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3 So I Can Tell Everyone “I Did It”

4 To No Longer Be Embarrassed when Someone Asks Me How Much I Weigh

5 To Not Be a Fat Friend Anymore

6 To Prove Everyone Wrong!

7 To Look Myself in the Mirror and Feel Beautiful

8 To Not Envy Skinny and Fit Girls

9 So I Can Dedicate My Life to Fitness

10 To Look the Best I Can, and to Be in the Best Damn Shape of My Life

11 So Everyone Can Ask “How Did You do It?”

12 So People Who Doubted Me Will Turn Heads and Be Jealous of My Progress

13 To Enjoy Little Things I Always Wanted to do, but I Couldn’t Because I Was Too Insecure and My Weight Was Stopping Me

14 To Be Someone’s Fitspiration/thinspiration

15 So I Can Go to the Beach, and Feel Confident and Not like a Potato

16 So I Can Be Confident Enough to Have a Boyfriend

17 So Skinny Jeans and Ripped Jeans Will Look Amazing on Me

18 To Look Confident in a Tight Sexy Dress

19 To Actually Start Enjoying Working out

20 So People Will Look at Me and Think “I Wish I Had Her Body”

21 To Be Taken Seriously when Talking about Health and Diet

22 To Make My Family Proud

23 To Make My Ex Jealous

24 So I Won’t Feel Guilty when I Want to Eat Something in McDonald’s

25 For the Flat Stomach and Abs I Always Wanted to Have

26 Cause I Always Feel like I Am Pretty, but People Can’t See That under All This Fat

27 To Not Mind Getting My Picture Taken

28 To Be Told That I Lost Weight when Seeing Relatives That I Haven’t Seen in Years

29 I Want Collar Bones (Visible Ones)

30 I Want Smaller Boobs

31 I Want to Be Able to Cross My Legs Easily

32 I Want to Walk up a Flight of Stairs without Feeling Winded

33 I Want to Increase My Energy

34 I Want to Feel Better when I Am Naked

35 I Want to Be Able to Look at Myself when I Am Naked

36 I Want to Walk into a Room and Not Constantly Feel That Everyone is Whispering and Laughing at Me

37 I Want to Be Able to Wear My Old Jeans Again

38 I Don’t Want to Compare Myself to My Skinny Girlfriends

39 I Dream about Going to Victoria's Secret and Buying Something That Fits Me

40 I Want to Tuck My Shirt into My Pants

41 I Don't Want to Feel Discriminated against!!!

42 To Witness the Reappearance of Something Called a Belly Button

43 To Feel like I Move with Grace and Not a Lumbering Gait

44 To Be Recognizable to the People You Grew up with

45 To Look Good in a Tee Shirt!

46 To Not Be Afraid to Ask Which Hairstyle Suits Your Face

47 To Have Your Friends NOT Be Embarrassed to Be Seen with You

48 Wearing Shorts or Tank Tops without Fear of Arrest or Grossing out Others!

49 To Not Have the Fear of Being Rejected

50 To Successfully Flirt!

51 To Meet a Friend Online and Not Be Horrified to Have to Send a Picture of Yourself

52 To Be Able to Cross Your Arms across Your Chest without Them Resting on Your Stomach!

53 To Not Constantly Be Thinking of Where Your Next Morsel of Food is Coming from

54 Turn Heads when I Am out, and Know They Are Looking at Me, and Not My Hot Friend!

55 To Be Able to Give Advice, Because You Know That It Worked for You

56 To Have Super Sex!

As you may read, these are unique and just not simply "to lose weight"... They are your "why"...

Your unique why. Jot down whichever you like and think of these every day. Baby steps to build upon. Good luck!


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