Pro Tips on Clean Eating to Lose Belly Fat ...


Pro Tips on Clean Eating to Lose Belly Fat ...
Pro Tips on Clean Eating to Lose Belly Fat ...

Want to learn how to eat clean to lose belly fat?

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor and is named one of Greatist's Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World alongside Michelle Obama.

In the introduction, Cassey Ho begins by saying we need clean eating! Foods that are real come out of the ground, which she calls "nutritiously dense" and are foods that give a "power punch".

She has separated these foods into two categories:

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Foods That Stop Blood Sugar Spikes


Foods That Help You Speed up Metabolism

We'll get into the details, after this video on how to eat clean to lose belly fat.

Published on Feb 20, 2015

In food category one, she gives examples, such as salmon, olive oil, avocado, beans and almonds. She stresses foods like these that are high in either protein, fat or fiber, (and again, these are examples as there are even more foods containing such), which take a lot longer to digest, keeping you feeling fuller longer.

If you don't have enough of protein, fat and fiber and consume white bread, white rice and donuts, your hormones go crazy and increase your abdominal fat because of high blood sugar. Then, as you probably can guess, your blood sugar comes crashing down.

In food category two, she gives examples such as green tea, cayenne pepper, vinegar, eggs, meat and fish.

For example, 1/2 cup of green tea or cayenne pepper each day is going to help burn 10 calories day. Why not make a pitcher of iced green tea every day? It's refreshing as a summer drink!

Don't have an excess of food or, of course, you'll gain weight.

Of course, you do need to exercise with these two categories!

Finally, if you don't have enough rest, your belly fat increases.

This is not rocket science! You can include these foods in your everyday meals! They're easy to find at the grocery store and affordable.

Whether or not you have a muffin top, this is good advice to follow to get rid of or prevent one.

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