Dr. Oz Video 🎞 on the Best 🙌 Carbs 🍞🍟 to Drop 🔽 a Dress 👗 Size ...

What are the best carbs to drop a dress size? Are you a pasta, potatoes, rice and pretzels kind of gal but get discouraged because of all of the bad press that they get? Think you cannot have them at all if you want to lost weight? Think again! You can!

With a little advice from Dr. Oz's show, he tells you the facts of what you can have and with a combined total lose up to twenty-three pounds in a year!

Meet you after this video about the best carbs to drop a dress size.

Published on Jan 31, 2012

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1. Swap Shiitake Noodles in Place of Pasta!

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There are only ten calories per two-ounce serving! Regular pasta has two hundred calories. If you swap a few times a week, you can lose up to eleven pounds in a year!

2. Swap Purple Potatoes in Place of Regular Potatoes!

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Purple potatoes have thirty calories fewer than regular potatoes. People who eat purple potatoes gain no weight. Swap them a few times a week and lose three pounds in a year!

3. Swap Pearl Barley in Place of Fluffy White Rice!

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Pearl barley has four grams of fiber, keeping you feeling full and regular. Swap it in place of fluffy white rice a few times a week and within a year lose up to three pounds!

4. Swap Thin Pretzels in Place of Potato Chips!

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On average, thin pretzels have on average of fifty calories fewer than potato chips. Have thin pretzels a few times a week and lose up to six pounds!

Not too hard, huh? You can even have your shiitake noodles with spaghetti sauce or alfredo sauce. Make mashed potatoes with purple potatoes. Make fried rice with pearl barley. Kick back on your couch with pretzels.

I hope you found this video review helpful. Swapping a few staples in your diet is all it takes.

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