12 Awesome Celebrity Weight Loss Tips to Shed Some Pounds ...


12 Awesome Celebrity Weight Loss Tips to Shed Some Pounds ...
12 Awesome Celebrity Weight Loss Tips to Shed Some Pounds ...

When it comes to the world of celebrity, it can sometimes seem like carrying a few extra pounds is seen as a worse crime than being a generally average person. You only have to look at the kinds of trouble the fit and beautiful stars can get into with hardly any damage to their reputations! The pressure to be thin, slim, and stunning in places like Hollywood looms large over the entertainment business, so it is no surprise that some of the very best weight loss tips are ones that come directly from the rich and famous. Here are 12 celebrity weight loss tips that are guaranteed to work.

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Sip Tea

Kendall Jenner likes to sip on cups of tea over the course of the day because it not only helps to boost your metabolism but also staves off hunger cravings.



Gwyneth Paltrow relies on the power of music to keep the weight off. She has a killer playlist that she listens to to keep busy and avoid snacking out of boredom.



Jessica Alba always starts the day off with a blended smoothie. It’s a great way to pack your body full of nutrients and vitamins right from the start.


Heart Rate Monitor

Be like Hugh Jackman and get the best out of your work out by wearing a heart rate monitor. He never lets his go below 140 to ensure he’s getting the best exercise possible.


Healthy Alternatives

Wendy Williams’ favourite tip is to find tasty but healthy alternatives to the foods that you love the most. For example, drinking coconut water over soda, and kale chips over potato chips.


Two Appetisers

Bethenny Frankel keeps her weight under control by ordering two appetisers at dinner rather than a full main meal. Smaller portions and usually less bread and carb based ingredients.


Cute Gym Outfit

Kelly Osbourne is a firm believer that if you look good, you will feel good, and this extends to the gym where she feels that if you rock a killer workout outfit, then you will be more motivated to dig deep.


Carry Protein

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown carries sachets of chocolate protein powder in her bag so that when she is hungry, she can add the powder to water and enjoy being full without the excessive calories of quick junk food.


Don’t Deprive Yourself

Khloe Kardashian cuts out one item from her diet every week rather than lots of things at once, because she feels that being too restrictive is a sure-fire way to burn out and binge.


No Booze

If you want a body like Sarah Jessica Parker, then you’re going to have to nix the alcohol. She limits herself to a single glass of wine with a meal because she knows just how many hidden calories there are in drinks.


Ditch Fad Diets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recommends that you stay away from from fad diets that might work in the short term but aren’t sustainable. It’s not good losing two stone if you put three back on in the following months.


Easy Protein

Shaun T is very in to the benefits of easy protein. Things you can pick up in the store like shrimp, turkey breast, eggs, etc. are all great sources of protein, so be mindful of that on your next weekly shop.

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