Bedtime 😴 Hacks to Accelerate ⏩ Your Weight Loss ⚖️ ...

It’s fair to say that when you are on a weight loss journey, the bulk of your thinking time and planning time is taken up with considering what you should do in the day to gain the best results. By the bedtime comes around, it seems like the only thing left to do is put head to pillow and let your sleep take away your hunger cravings, but there is actually more than you can do at this time! There are plenty of tips and tricks to execute close to bedtime that can set you up for even better weight loss that you are currently getting. Here are some great bedtime hacks to accelerate your weight loss.

1. No Eating after 7PM

Do you best not to have dinner any later than 7pm, because if you do it won’t necessarily give your body enough time to digest your food and keep your metabolism humming before you go to sleep. To avoid getting hungry later at night, go for a dinner choice that is high in protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

2. Me Time

During weekdays, try to spend more time at home alone, because it is when you get together with friends and family that your routine gets out of whack and bad food choices are made. Save your restaurant trips and wine and cheese nights for the weekends and commit to having your weekdays be the strict time where dieting is successful.

3. Warm Milk

Have a glass of warm milk before you go to bed each night, the reason for this being that it contains a protein called casein that helps to build and sustain lean muscle within the body. This will help to boost your metabolism overnight and do a little extra work while you are sleeping.

4. Room Lighting

Adjust the lighting in your room to make it as dark as possible that your melatonin levels don’t start working whilst you are asleep. Those who sleep in a darker room are less likely to wake up experiencing massive hunger cravings. Of course, a sleep mask is also an easy fix for a lighting problem too.

5. Prep Food

The night before, take some time prep your meals for the day ahead. This is a simple thing you can before bed that will lead you to make much better food choices the next day. If you have a healthy lunch sitting there waiting for you, you will find it much easier to stay away from things like chips and candy bars.