The Best Ways to Lose Weight While Sleeping ...


The Best Ways to Lose Weight While Sleeping ...
The Best Ways to Lose Weight While Sleeping ...

Want to learn how to lose weight while sleeping?

The first thing that hits your mind when you hear the words ‘weight loss’ is sweat, tears, straining, hunger name it.

But, did you know that you can actually lose weight without any of these, and actually, in a comfortable and relaxed environment, like in the bed, sleeping?

Recent research has established that one of the best and most effective ways to cut down the extra pounds is by getting better, sufficient sleep during the night. Here’s how to lose weight while sleeping.

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Maximize Your Sleep Hours

During sleep, your weight and how many hours you sleep determine the number of calories your body will burn. Normally, you will burn approximately 0.42 calories per pound in an hour’s sleep.

This clearly serves to convince you to ensure that you get more sleep in order to burn more of those calories and lose weight. Getting more sleep is one of the best answers for how to lose weight while sleeping.


Have Some Alone Time before Bed

Before going to bed, take some time to be alone. Use the time to meditate or get involved in a relaxing activity such as reading a favorite book or watching a short movie.

This can also include taking a hot shower to ensure that your body is fully settled from the day’s stresses. This way, your body will be relaxed and tuned into the sleep mode. Once your brain is relaxed, you can be assured of very high-quality sleep and more hours of the same.


Eat Light, Healthy Meals

You don’t want to be uncomfortable in your sleep because that discomfort will heavily affect the quality of your sleep.

Being too full just before bedtime will negatively affect your weight loss efforts, considering that the digestive system is usually almost ‘asleep’ when your brain switches off.

Further, you must ensure that you eat healthy to avoid weight gain. Focus on whole meal snacks and nuts and lots of dairy such as Greek yoghurt, which burns calories while you sleep.


Avoid Drinks

Also, avoid drinks toward bedtime because they will interrupt your sleep by inducing a need to go to the bathroom hence reducing the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Water is good, but drink as much of it as you can during the earlier hours of the day and cut down on the intake toward bedtime.

Avoid alcoholic drinks at all costs because, although they may cause an easy drift to sleep, they are also known to make one completely lose sleep during the early morning hours.


Switch off That Light

Light can very seriously interfere with the quality of your sleep.
When the lights are on or there is any getting into your room through the windows or doors, you will be interrupted every time.

Further, even when you are deep asleep, science has it that light has a way of interfering with your sleep patterns.
To stay safe, simply keep it as dark as possible.

You definitely want a way of losing (or maintaining your ideal) weight that is not cumbersome and will not interfere with your normal way of life.

By ensuring that you get sufficient, quality sleep during the night, you can be assured of losing those extra pounds or maintaining that body and muscle tone without the hustle and bustle of dieting and exercise, some of which have serious side effects.

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