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5 Fab Tips to Burn Fat Fast ...

By Gulsum

Are you looking for some tips to burn fat faster? There's no better time than summer to lose some weight. What are you waiting for? You will feel better, look better and have more confidence. Here are 5 great tips to burn fat faster.

1 On and off FASTING

This means eating in cycles. For example, skipping breakfast and eating a little bit later or eating all your calories in a window during the day. This is called 16:8 method, which means eating of 8 hours in a day and not eating for the other 16 hours.


Perform cardio on an empty stomach. When you do that, your body uses fatty acids as energy. And you burn more fat. Doing it for an extended amount of time means you're going to lose fat fast. The amount of water you drink is also affecting your results. It speeds up your metabolism so you will burn fat faster. Stay consistent.

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Yes, your body needs carbohydrates. Choose the right diet which fits your lifestyle. Eating clean is not as terrible as you think.


There is nothing that kills motivation more than you weighing yourself and seeing that nothing has changed. You burn fat and at the same time that you build muscles. Use a body analyzer scale to see what's going on with your body. Weigh yourself at the same time every day. Be patient.

5 START Again

Go to the first point and start again. Which is the most difficult to do?

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