7 Foods That Burn Fats Really Really Fast ...


7 Foods That Burn Fats Really Really Fast ...
7 Foods That Burn Fats Really Really Fast ...

Nearly everybody is obsessed with wanting to lose weight, burning calories and melting all that stubborn, unwanted fat. A time comes when each morsel you take is watched with guarded eyes for all the possible damage it can wreak on your body. Well, no more. Here are 7 foods that are just as tasty as they are useful in your weight loss endeavor. Not only do they help burn fat super fast, they also keep you feeling satiated for longer.

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Since the time we are babies, we’ve sort of grown up on a staple diet of eggs – scrambled, poached, boiled, bulls eye or omelets, comfortable in the knowledge that they are good for us. If you’ve given up on eating eggs, you may want to consider revisiting that old habit again. At just 78 calories, eggs aren’t just nutritionally loaded; they are also really filling owing to their high protein content. Start your day with eggs in any form and you will feel full for longer and have 300+ calories less throughout the day.


Dark Chocolate

Whoever said chocolate was detrimental to your weight loss regime hasn’t obviously spoken to the team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen. According to them, dark chocolate is rich in compounds that keep you feeling full for longer and also slow down the process of digestion. An ounce of dark chocolate contains 170 calories and if you have a small piece, about the size of a visiting card, you’ll also find your craving for sweet, salty, and fattening snacks reducing.


Pine Nuts

We all know nuts are great for health, and we are completely aware of the amount of calories they have. I can understand if you are in a dilemma over including nuts in your diet. However, we have a savior in pine nuts. Half an ounce of this sadly ignored powerhouse amounts to only 95 calories and Korean researchers swear by its heart-healthy goodness and satiety hormones. In addition, the fatty acids in pine nuts help break down belly fat and keep it from coming back again.



Yes, cheese, but not Kraft cheese or cheese singles; but feta cheese and fresh goat cheese. They measure a modest 76 calories for one ounce and give your body just the right amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Conjugal what? Well, hard as that word might be to pronounce, it helps burn fat and of course, leave your tummy with a comfortably full feeling. So, go scour the market for "grass-fed" cheese that is high in CLA.


Skim Milk

For obvious reasons, skim milk is our best friend. Not only does each cup have only 86 calories, they are also rich in CLA that we spoke of before. Not just that, milk's proteins like casein and whey keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Skip those sugary drinks and reach for a glass of fresh, wholesome skim milk.



Australian researchers put together a list of 38 filling foods and calculated their “satiety index.” Of these, orange emerged the clear winner owing to its high fiber content. Another good news for you – fiber fights fat as well! Ain’t that just fab now?



Spuds are usually frowned upon by weight-watchers, but honestly, they are your best friends. They are three times as filling as a slice of white bread and rich in resistant starch as well, which is what gears your body into fighting all that fat. My next idol – Mr. Potato Head!

Now let me hear you rejoice about these wonderful foods that burn fat! Which ones are you planning on bringing back today?

Top image source: medimanage.com

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And here I haven't been eating potatoes for ages... Need to remedy that.

How can I lose weight fast

@yxkra potatoes aren't zero in nutrients. Potatoes are healthy, and satisfying. if one wants to lose weight then one must eat potatoes in a different manner. like avoid French fries or anything that is fried that is fattening.

what the heck is a "visiting card" for the portion of dark chocolate??

please do NOT start eating potatoes as a way of losing weight. it's probably one of the worst foods you could consume it's high in carbs and almost zero nutrients. if you want to burn fat do weights it's the most effective thing you could do.

I needed this

& Greek yogurt!

Are there any foods that can burn a little muscle weight/mass as well as body fat? Cause I have both muscle mass/weight a fat (if u kmow what I mean)

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