7 Ways to Avoid Summer Weight Gain ...


7 Ways to Avoid Summer Weight Gain ...
7 Ways to Avoid Summer Weight Gain ...

It’s summer, bikini weather, shorts weather, not the time of year to wear bulky sweaters and wide-leg jeans to disguise an accidental ten-pound weight gain. But if you’re anything like me, those surprise weight gains can happen any time of year, but not this year, and not this summer! Here are 7 ways to avoid summer weight gain...

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Eat Fresh

Consider the foods you eat that make you gain weight, and I’ll bet most of them are high-calorie, high-fat prepared foods or foods that come in a can or a box. It’s summer, sweetie! Ditch the canned goods and enjoy all of the healthful, low-fat, low-cal goodies in the produce section, or better yet, at the local fruit stand! It’s a lot easier to avoid summer weight gain when you have a farmer’s market nearby, and can replace fattening fast food or prepared foods with fresh fruits and veggies.


Avoid Bad BBQ Foods

If your social calendar is a jumble of graduation parties, backyard weddings, and loads of bonfires and BBQs, one way to avoid summer weight gain would be to avoid all of these events — but that’s no fun! Instead, simply avoid the BBQ foods you know are loaded with fat and calories, like Aunt Sue’s potato salad and cousin Judy’s Mexican dip. Opt for the fruit salad or mixed greens, or even the pasta salad with all the fresh veggies in it, and avoid anything with mayonnaise or excessive dressing.


Pass on the Soda

With so many light, lovely summer drinks out there, why would anyone want to drink heavy caramel-colored sodas? They’re positively packed with sugar and calories, and will almost certainly make you feel bloated and burpy. Have a tall glass of water with lemon and mint, or even Crystal Light or Mio. Much better… and much less gassy!


Do Some Fun Exercises!

What are your outdoor exercise options in winter? Snow shoveling. No fun! But it’s summer, and one of the best ways to avoid summer weight gain is to exercise, but have fun with it! Swim. Run. Chase the kids around the back yard. Have a long walk in the cool evening hours after dinner. Get up, get moving, enjoy the sunshine and warmth, and burn some calories!


Turn off the TV

All of your favorite shows are in hiatus right now, and you’re tired of watching re-runs anyway, so shut off the TV and find something else to do. I’m the sort of girl who can’t watch TV without snacking, so this one simple thing automatically cuts calories for me! It also encourages me to do something more constructive and calorie-burning, like mowing the lawn, gardening, or taking my little girl for a walk.


Vacation Smart

If you’re planning a vacation this summer, remember that all those delicious, exotic foods are loaded with the same weight-gain inducing calories as the foods at home. That giant cheeseburger at the road-side café on Route 66 is still just as fattening as the one from your local diner. Vacation smart this year, and look just as svelte and slender when you get home as you did when you left!


Substitute the Temptation

Girl, I get it. It’s summer, and you don’t feel like depriving yourself through all of June, July, and August. But rather than down an entire container of potato salad or tray of cheese tarts, have a small bit to kill the craving, then substitute with something you know is a better choice. My weakness is ice cream, so I’ll have a little, then, if I’m still not satisfied, I’ll have a frozen juice or lemon ice instead.

With so many smart, non-depriving ways to avoid summer weight gain, there’s no reason to skip all the BBQs and hide inside in jeans and a baggy tee. Get out there, get moving, have fun, and remember to avoid the mayonnaise and soda. And you’ll be fine! Which of these tips will be helpful to you? Or do you have another idea to share on skipping summer calories? Do tell!

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The best way I can think of to avoid snacking on the baked goods is to eat a hearty breakfast before you go to work.

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