5 Easy Diet Changes for Weight Loss ...


5 Easy Diet Changes for Weight Loss ...
5 Easy Diet Changes for Weight Loss ...

Are you looking for some easy diet changes for weight loss?
You don’t have to make drastic lifestyle changes to shed a few pounds, or even 40 pounds! Going to the gym and staying in shape physically is extremely important to a healthy lifestyle, but there are so many simple diet changes that can be just as beneficial! I’ve been looking for and testing first hand tons of diet and cooking tips. I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 best easy diet changes for weight loss.

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Fruit Infused Water

We’ve all heard it before, “Have 8 glasses of water a day.” And we’ve all seen the gallon of water a day challenge. But come on, who actually gets excited about drinking 8 glasses of water, and really, who wants to carry around a gallon of water??

The trick to getting your daily hydration, losing weight, and reducing stress is the millions of combinations of fruit infused water. Use things like cucumber as an antioxidant and to help you feel full, mint for stress relief or an upset stomach, and orange for Vitamin C and many other benefits! Fruit infused water really is one of the best easy diet changes for weight loss.


Don’t Forget to Snack!

I bet you didn’t expect your diet to consist of adding more snacks to your day – think again! Having consistent snack breaks scheduled throughout your busy day can not only help with weight loss and staying in shape, they will also keep you energized so you won’t feel that afternoon lull and reach for a coffee!

There are so many great options beyond typical healthy protein bars, like the RXBar. Some of the best snacks you should be eating throughout your day include almonds for their protein, healthy fats, and fiber, light string cheese (that’s right, cheese!) for its protein burst, calcium, and low amount of fat, and bananas, also for their protein and fiber, but especially for their potassium – because we all hate those calf and foot cramps at the end of a long day.


Track Your Calories

Now, this might sound like an intimidating task, but there are actually hundreds of simple and convenient meal tacking apps. They automatically calculate meals from specific restaurants and stores for you. They even break down your intake of things like fats, proteins, carbs, and can give you personalized diet advice right in the app.

Some of my recommended apps include MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, and Lose It!.


Ditch the Soda for Refreshing Lemon Water

When you think of diets, one of the first things you hear is to stop drinking soda. But if you drink soda all the time, or if it’s your go-to after a long day at the office, you need a substitute that can be just as tasty, but much healthier. The sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in soda and aspartame in diet soda have so many short and long-term health problems, including damaged teeth, high blood pressure, tons of calories, etc.

Two great substitutes for your favorite sodas are ice cold lemon water, and sparkling waters. Ice cold water with lemon is not only very low in calories, it tastes sweet and delicious and reduces cravings, and you get plenty of vitamins and benefits for your immune system. You can also try low-calorie sparkling waters, which come in tons of flavors and have either no sugar or calories, or significantly fewer than any soda. The fruity flavors of these waters also help you feel full and keep you from craving unnecessary snacks or even coffees.


Whole Wheat Everything

Sometimes the hardest part of your diet can be giving up those breads, rice, bagels, and pastas you love. Luckily, these days, you can find whole grain versions of so many of your favorite foods. It’s beneficial to include whole grains in your diet because of the plant-based proteins and fiber in them. Overall, whole grains have been said to help manage weight gain, lower your blood pressure, and improve digestion.

So next time you’re at the store, swap our your pastas, rice, oatmeal, bagels, and other grains for the whole grain options for the many benefits they’ll provide you.

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