The Best Carbs for Weight Loss to Add to Your Diet ...


The Best Carbs for Weight Loss to Add to Your Diet ...
The Best Carbs for Weight Loss to Add to Your Diet ...

Want to know the best carbs for weight loss? First, let’s just address this issue of carbs. There is a huge myth that too many believe and that is to successfully lose weight, you need to give up carbs. Worse still, many believe that a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight should also be free of carbs. Carbs are NOT bad. Carbs are an essential nutrient, providing your body with nutrition and fuel. Like anything, it is knowing what to eat and how much is the key to successfully including carbs in your diet. These are the best carbs for weight loss.

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Barley has been proven to fight hunger pangs by raising your blood sugar levels more slowly than other carbs, which means that you will feel fuller for longer and not experience as many between meal cravings. Pearl barley is probably the most popular form, but you can also enjoy whole hull-less barley or barley groats. It’s much more versatile than you might imagine and is one of the best carbs for weight loss!


Green Peas

Not all carbs have to be beige! Half a cup of good old fashioned green peas can provide 12 percent of your suggested daily intake of zinc. Zinc might be better known for things like its cold-fighting properties, but it can also boost levels of leptin, which is a hormone that tells your brain your stomach has had enough to eat!


Whole Wheat Pasta

Pasta is something you are generally told to stay away from when on a diet, but whole wheat pasta is the perfect loophole in the system! A regular intake of whole grains like these are associated with lower BMI and less abdominal fat, so basically if you commit to making whole wheat pasta part of your main diet, you can expect to have a lower weight and tinier waist in no time!


Acorn Squash

Of all the vegetables in the squash family, the acorn squash wins out in almost every single health-related category, and that includes taste! It contains the most fibre of any squash, and although you might have to do a little more searching to find one on the market, it’s really worth the extra effort!



Beans are the perfect weight loss carb because they are so versatile and can be used in many different ways and in many different dishes. Those who consume beans on a regular basis are 23 percent less likely to become obese, according to recent studies, and the best part is that nearly all of the bean family is rich in fibre, so the choice is completely yours!


Air Popped Popcorn

Popcorn doesn’t have to just be a buttery junk food treat at the movies. It can also be transformed into a healthy carb! Popcorn that has been air popped is actually a really healthy snack, especially compared to something like chips or mini pretzels. You can consume a good amount without having to worry about too many calories.

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