Perfect Ways to Lose Excess Water Weight for Bloated Girls ...


Perfect Ways to Lose Excess Water Weight for Bloated Girls ...
Perfect Ways to Lose Excess Water Weight for Bloated Girls ...

Every girl should know some ways to lose excess water weight. If you are somebody who is susceptible to bloating thanks to excess water weight, then you know that the struggle is all too real! You can eat as healthily as a nutrition guru and exercise as frequently as a star athlete, but for some reason, your body succumbs to the unfortunate process of water weight and you have to deal with the stressful and unwanted occurrence of yo-yo pound gains here and there. The presence of water weight can be really demoralizing for your self-esteem and your body goals, but there are some things that you can do to fight it. Here are just a few ways to lose excess water weight.

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Intermittent Fasting

This is one of the best ways to lose excess water weight. Extreme fasting is a bad decision to make for anyone in any circumstance, but there are benefits of intermittent fasting when it is done properly. Going roughly 16 hours or more between meals a few times a week is a really effective way to start knocking away at some of the more stubborn fat in your body. When you break this fast, it should be with a diet that consists of very little sugar.



Intense exercise can be something that encourages water weight because of the swelling that can occur during the muscle repair process, so you should be looking to partake in workouts that stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic fluid build up in your extremities. The bottom line here is that you should stay away from hardcore exercise that is going to take a lot of recovery time and stick to exercise that warrants little recovery but can be performed on a regular basis to keep you active.


Drink More Water

It sounds counterproductive to drink more water when it is water weight that you are trying to lose but trust me on this one! Replace all and any juices, sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages that you would normally consume with plain water, and it can actually lead to you burning way more calories in a day, even when keeping the same food diet as before.


Cut Back on Salt

Sodium is one of the key things that can cause a body to retain water, so it makes perfect sense to try to cut back on salt in your diet as much as you can. Large variations in salt consumption over the course of a week can really lead to massive variations in the presence of water weight.


Swap Carbs for Fibre

You should try your hardest to replace the simple processed carbs in your diet, ones that usually includes lots of excess salt, with things like berries and fresh green vegetables. You can start to implement this slowly at first by cutting out just 100 grams of carbohydrates a day from your diet, and then as soon as you start to see positive results, you can increase the amount to how much you think you can be happy with.

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