Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight ...


Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight ...
Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight ...

There are several ways to use coconut oil to lose weight. Coconut oil is one of the ‘superfood’ type products that burst on to the commercial scene a few years ago and is still going strong today. It might be fair to assume that we all have a tube or jar of the stuff somewhere in our kitchens, and it also might be equally fair to assume that very few of us are confident enough in its properties to be able to put it to good effect in our lifestyles! Not only is coconut oil a fantastic product when it comes to beauty and cosmetics, but it is also something that can be put to great use for weight loss. If you are something of a beginner on the subject, then here are some ways to use coconut oil to lose weight.

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Hanger Management!

One of the best ways to use coconut oil to lose weight is to control your appetite. Coconut oil has the power to satiate your hunger and hold off uncomfortable pangs and cravings, and you can do this by stirring a spoonful of the good stuff into your morning cup of coffee. You will find that this small addition to your breakfast routine can keep you feeling much fuller for much longer, reducing the risk of snacking between the early morning and lunchtime.


Cooking Alternative

You should really be making coconut oil your new cooking staple in place of things like vegetable oil, olive oil, margarine and of course, butter. It smells very strongly of the tropical food but when incorporated into other dishes, the oil just acts in a much healthier way to make tasty dishes. It won’t make everything smell and taste of coconut!


Healthy Fat

Coconut oil is classed as a healthy fat, and we need healthy fats in our diets even when trying to losing weight. Incorporating coconut oil into your everyday eating routine is a good way to trick your body into thinking that it is having enough fat so that it stops storing it, and it is that stored fat that causes weight problems.


Salad Mixer

You might not think so, but coconut oil can be added to salad dressing or homemade mayonnaise as a great extra mixer that helps digestion and actually maximizes nutrient uptake from all of the other healthy ingredients that you have tossed into the salad dish. Once again, it won’t make your entire salad taste like coconut, but it will give it a divine, inviting smell, as well as adding just a subtle taste of something exotic that goes well with a whole range of tasty fruits and vegetables.


Perfect Rice

You can make the most amazing diet friendly white rice using coconut oil! When preparing your rice, add a teaspoon of the magic ingredient to the boiling water that you are using for every half cup of grains. Doing this can actually reduce the number of calories that your body absorbs by a whopping 50 to 60 percent! The trick is to let the coconut oil water and rice simmer together for about 20 minutes before tucking in.

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