These Are the Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight ... Probably ...


These Are the Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight ... Probably ...
These Are the Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight ... Probably ...

Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau? Maybe you are not losing weight as fast as you thought? It can be disheartening to realize these things but if you can pinpoint the issues, you can do something about it. Go through these reasons you aren’t losing weight, see which ones apply to you and you can make the necessary changes.

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You Overeat Healthy Foods

You Overeat Healthy Foods Things like dark chocolate, nuts, and olive oil are all healthy, but not if you overeat them. Moderation and portion control is essential.


Walking the Dog is Your Only Exercise!

Walking the Dog is Your Only Exercise! It’s definitely a start, but you really can’t class walking the dog as your one and only form of exercise!


You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You Don’t Drink Enough Water Drinking water is absolutely essential to the weight loss process, as it helps with hydration, portion control, and an overall better feeling of fullness between meals.


Wrong Post Exercise Snack

Wrong Post Exercise Snack The ideal snack for after a workout should be in the region of 150 calories; a hand full of trail mix is ideal.


You Never Indulge

You Never Indulge In a weird way, people who don’t sneak a candy bar every now and then are more prone to binge later on and stall their weight loss completely.


You Eat out a Lot

You Eat out a Lot Restaurant dishes can be deceptively high in calories; even if you think something like a salad is healthy, it can have lots of fatty dressings etc.


You Don’t Keep a Food Diary

You Don’t Keep a Food Diary Writing down everything you eat in a journal can bring up some surprising habits that you never even realized you had.


You Overindulge on Low Fat Foods

You Overindulge on Low Fat Foods Just because certain foods are low in fat, it does not mean that they are necessarily healthy or have low sugar content.


You Don’t Allow Fun

You Don’t Allow Fun Not having fun can cause stress, which in turn can lead you to comfort eat. Maintain a healthy lifestyle balance and you should be fine.


You Starve Yourself

You Starve Yourself Eating way too few calories will only lead to a slowed-down metabolism and you will be more tempted to snack throughout the day.


Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy Drinks Fizzy drinks are one of the first things that you should cut out of your diet. They may only be liquids but they are really bad for you!


You Don’t Cut up Your Food

You Don’t Cut up Your Food It has been proven that slicing your food, even if it is only an apple, can trick your body in to thinking that it is having a larger snack.


You Snack without Thinking

You Snack without Thinking This usually happens when you are watching the TV or something similar; the action of grabbing popcorn becomes almost second nature.


No Portion Control

No Portion Control Eating healthier foods means nothing if you don’t exercise portion control along with them.


You Don’t Eat Breakfast

You Don’t Eat Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is the best way to ensure that you are not tempted to snack in between meals.


Too Many Condiments and Toppings

Too Many Condiments and Toppings A salad becomes much less healthy if you pile it with cheese, dressing and croutons!


You’re Not Committed

You’re Not Committed A diet is never going to work if you only stick to it for one day a week. You need to be strict with yourself and stay strong.


Your Clothes Are Too Big

Your Clothes Are Too Big If you wear clothes that are two sizes bigger than your body, you will begin to feel comfortable and won’t be inspired to carry on going.


You Eat Standing up

You Eat Standing up Eating straight out of the fridge can be really detrimental to both your portion control and the foods that you choose to snack on.


Not Enough Veggies

Not Enough Veggies The amount of nutrients in your five-a-day are essential to helping you lose the weight and keep it off in a sensible manner.


Not Enough Sleep

Not Enough Sleep Experts have stated that getting a regular 7 to 8 hours sleep every night is really important in a weight loss regime.


Not a Balanced Diet

Not a Balanced Diet You might be keeping a calorie count, but if your daily food does not cover a number of important food groups, then it’s not as healthy as it should be.


You’re Doing It Alone

You’re Doing It Alone If you partner or flatmate isn’t going on this healthy eating journey with you, it can be really hard to maintain focus and commitment.


You Exercise on an Empty Stomach

You Exercise on an Empty Stomach This is one of the worst things you can do, as it will only serve to burn muscle rather than the intended fat.


You Only do Cardio

You Only do Cardio The best way to lose weight is to incorporate a mixture of different work out styles to both lose fat and strengthen your body at the same time.

Have you identified which apply to you?
You Only do Cardio

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