The Biggest Dieting Lies We Want to Go Away ...


The Biggest Dieting Lies We Want to Go Away ...
The Biggest Dieting Lies We Want to Go Away ...

There are many diet lies we wish would go away. From fad diets to complete misinformation, you may wonder what to believe. Due to utter confusion about nutrition people are making poor dietary choices yet expecting results. And they are getting disappointed when they fail to meet goals because they are just doing it all wrong. So before you eat only egg whites, try a fad diet, avoid fruit due to its sugar content and bulk up on your daily salad, check out this article to help you. Let’s burst the misconception of diet lies and shed light on the best way to lose weight:

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To Lose Weight You Must Diet

petal, heart, fashion accessory, art, organ, We are shaped to believe that if we want to lose we have to go on an aggressive diet and give up all the foods we love. But this is a total misconception. If you choose healthier swaps and increase your exercise routine you can lose weight barely trying, so don’t go overboard and feel like you have to give up your life by dieting!


Yogurt is a Great Snack

Yogurt has been the dieter’s go to snack for countless years although it is not the best choice. Misinformation has led us to fruit yogurts and cottage cheese. The best weight loss snack is actually Greek yogurt without added sugars. This will add some protein and calcium to your day the healthy way!


Egg Whites Are the Ultimate Breakfast

Dieters turn to egg whites because the bulk of the fat is in the yolk. But the yolk is where the nutritional component is. So do not deprive yourself of the protein, vitamins and minerals and have the whole egg. The only time you should steer clear of the whole egg is if you have high cholesterol since this can increase cholesterol.


Fruit is the Same as Your Candy

food, produce, plant, meal, fruit, As a trainer and nutritionist, I am amazed how many people are afraid to eat fruit because of the sugar content. Some people actually compare this to candy assuming there is no difference. But fruit will help increase your metabolism, your immunity and give you more energy! All calories are not created equal!


Nuts Are the Ultimate Snack

Dieters often have nuts to curb their appetite and avoid overeating. A handful a day can help stabilize your blood sugar level but more than this can actually ruin your weight loss goals due to the high fat content. So do not consume more than one handful a day and enjoy veggies when you are looking for some more snacks to curb your appetite!


Salads Are the Best Meal for Weight Loss

blue, season, flower, spring, produce, When people go on a diet the first thing they usually do is go food shopping for ingredients to make their salads. Salads and dieting go hand in hand for those looking to lose weight but if you had all the additions of cranberries, nuts, dressing and other additions, you could have saved calories and had a sandwich. Be mindful of the calories you are consuming and work your way to achieving amazing results.


Late Night Snacking Will Cause Weight Gain

dish, meal, food, breakfast, produce, So many people are afraid to have late night snacks. If you are eating the right snacks, this will not break your weight loss plan. Nosh on veggies or even a portion controlled amount of air popped popcorn and watch this help you in your goals. You will awake feeling energized rather than deprived and be ready to conquer another day!


Eggs Are Bad

food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast, Yes, eggs are high in cholesterol, however, it's not the bad kind of cholesterol that causes heart disease. They're also loaded with tons of vitamins, protein, and healthy fats that actually make them some of the best food we can eat.


Calories Count

dish, food, meal, cuisine, lunch, All we ever hear is, "calories in vs. calories out" and while caloric intake is important to watch out for, you also need to know the difference when counting your calories. There's healthy fats, healthy carbs, protein, fructose vs. glucose and so much more to be aware of.


Fat Makes You Fat

food, dish, zucchini, cucurbita, produce, I see where one would think eating fat would make them fat, however, it's so much more than that. Your body requires some fat to function-FUN FACT: your brain is 60% fat!- but it depends on the type of fat you're eating because there is such thing as healthy fats. Pay attention to saturated and unsaturated fats in order to determine if it's a healthy fat or not.

Stop believing everything you hear, be smart about your food choices and make every day matter. And don’t forget to work out. Eating and exercise is key to helping you lose weight. Keep it off and better your health!

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Very good article. Really helpful

I've been working on slimming world since February and we've always been told to never eat nuts because they are no good for you.. For a handful of nuts you're looking at 18+ syns while you're only aloud 15 syns a day.. I guess it's what you want to due to your diet but I wouldn't be so sure.. 😁

thank you so much for these tips !

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