7 Sneaky Causes of Weight Gain That Will Shock You ...


7 Sneaky Causes of Weight Gain That Will Shock You ...
7 Sneaky Causes of Weight Gain That Will Shock You ...

You are eating healthy, exercising, staying active throughout the day and even sleeping well; so why are you gaining weight? When you are doing everything right, why does it seem like everything is going wrong on the scale? Take a deep breath and relax because I can help you to get back on track and smash this poor trend. With the right choices you can break the bad weight gain cycle and thrive as your own biggest loser. So get on track with these super effective tips to help you achieve your goals and live the life you so deserve!
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Hormone Imbalance

If your hormones are imbalanced you may need to go on medication to regulate this because you may be gaining weight. You may also have underlying health issues as a result. Or if your hormones are off due to that time of the month you may gain weight as a result but relax it is only temporary. Whatever the reason it is worthwhile to head to your physician and have blood drawn to ensure your hormones are on track.



If you are retaining water and bloating your scale could be reading higher than normal. Yikes! Relax and don’t let the bloating blues get you down. Drink water with lemon as a natural diuretic and sweat it out with a workout. Also limit your sodium intake to no more than 1500 mg per day. Some people tend to retain water more than others so be proactive to avoid this.


Feeling Blue

If you are feeling down in the dumps lately and stress is taking a toll on you, your body will secrete the hormone cortisol. This hormone will cause you to gain weight so pick yourself up, go for a walk and smile. By changing your demeanor you will slim down and just feel better. You only have one life so live it happier and healthier.


Not Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep can have you groggy, unhappy and eating more. Studies show that sleep deprivation can have you confusing hunger with need of sleep. Your body requires 7-9 hours for efficient functioning. So get to bed earlier and your body will perform tip top as a result!


Slow Digestive Tract

If you find you do not make regular visits to the bathroom you may have a sluggish digestive tract which can contribute to weight gain. So get out on a regular basis for 45 minutes to an hour of exercise and drink 6-10 glasses of water. This can help you move your slow digestive tract into a higher, healthier gear.



As we get older our metabolism slows down which can cause you to gain weight. You have a choice to lower your calories or move more to avoid excess weight gain. Combat age related weight gain by exercise daily and two days a week perform double workout days. This will give your metabolism that needed surge and help you to stay slim!


Your Body is Deficient in Nutrients

If you are ruling out food groups entirely you could gain weight as a result. Your body needs adequate, balanced nutrition to keep your weight in check and also maintain good health. So live life in moderation while enjoying plenty of veggies, fruits and health grains!

With these many ways you could be gaining weight, make sure you make healthy choices to better your health and your life. Are you ready to make healthy choices to slim down, shape up and live the life you deserve?

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Two years ago I was a size 8, I'm now a 12. I'm also turning 46y this March. I'm wondering if hormones is part of the problem for me. A few years back my Doctor had to put me on the pill to stay regulated. It's kind of depressing at times but I'm trying.

This is really helpful!

Stress can cause weight gain big time too.

Yes this is very helpful . And I agree stress is a large reason people gain weight but so is medication

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