7 Comebacks for Sneaks Trying to Sabotage Your Weight Loss ...


Losing weight is a journey and one that you will be on for more than just a few days. That means you’re bound to run into people that are not going to understand or who might try to sabotage your goals. That person may be jealous that you’re getting healthier or may be upset that you are changing your lifestyle, which could be changing the dynamics of your relationship. Knowing what to say can preserve your friendship and keep you on track. Here are some perfect comebacks.

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“I Need Your Help and Understanding”

This is a comeback you can use with your spouse or your mom when they get upset that you don’t want to eat the fatty food you usually enjoy together. There’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy a meal together, but perhaps you could cook so that you can eat the same thing without wrecking your diet. Once the person knows you need their help, they may change their tune.


“Can I Take It Home for Later?”

When someone just isn’t letting it go, you can ask to take the food home. Say your grandma is pushing you to eat the cheesecake, but you know it’s not your cheat day. Ask her if she will put it in a container for you and then when you get home, you can do whatever you want with it and she won’t know. This is the perfect comeback if you want to be nice about it.


“Mind Your Own Business”

This is a classic comeback and works when someone is being nosy and they shouldn’t be. Maybe the girl next to you at the gym says you lost too much weight and you better slow down. Or the waitress at your favorite coffee shop says you can afford to drink the full-fat latte. Whatever it is, this comeback is great for people you don’t know well.


“You Can Make Your Own Poor Choices”

I wouldn’t always recommend getting snarky and rude, but here’s a comeback that works when someone won’t let it go. Maybe a friend is getting pushy about your choices or begging you to split the dessert at the restaurant and won’t take no for an answer. If you’re fed up, go ahead and say this to him or her and you should make your point pretty clear.


“Are You the Food Police”

When you’re trying to eat healthy and lose weight, there will always be someone who is jealous or doesn’t get what you’re trying to do. You can use this comeback in a joking way to get someone to lay off without getting snotty. It will make both of you laugh just a little bit and should let the other person know that they need to back off and mind their own business.


“do You Want Me to Comment on Your Habits?”

Unless you’re talking to your doctor about your health, people really have no right to comment on your lifestyle choices or your weight loss goals. When that person does say something, you can shut them up pretty quickly by asking if they want your input on their habits and choices. Problem solved.


“I Don’t Care”

Sometimes you just have to shut things down quickly and tell someone you don’t care what they’re thinking or how they feel about what you’re doing. Just tell them you couldn’t care less and move on.

What’s your standard comeback when someone criticizes your choices?

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