7 Unexpected Things That Keep Your Belly Flabby ...


No one wants a flabby belly, but getting rid of one is way easier said than done. You know that eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise can lead to flab, but there are probably some things you don’t realize are contributing to your belly. Once you know what might be causing your flabby tummy, you can take measures to ensure that you get rid of it and have the flat belly you crave. Check out these things that could be keeping you from getting rid of the flab, thanks to Shape magazine.

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You Choose the Diet Soda on a Daily Basis

You Choose the Diet Soda on a Daily Basis You might think that choosing the diet over the regular is a good choice. You’ll definitely be saving sugar grams and calories, but you could be doing your waistline a disservice. Research shows that artificial sweeteners can trick your body into thinking that you’re still hungry, which can drive overeating. As a general rule, soda, diet or regular, should be avoided for a flat tummy.


Watching Cooking Shows on Television

Watching Cooking Shows on Television I love watching cooking shows, but some experts say that this can lead to weight gain and a flabby tummy. First of all, sitting down for that long keeps you from working out and burning calories. Second, a lot of what you learn to make on TV is unhealthy so if you copy the recipes, you could be eating things that contribute to the flab. Get healthy recipes online or from cookbooks instead.


Your Commute Could Be the Problem

Your Commute Could Be the Problem There’s no getting around having to commute to work in the morning and back home in the evening. However, long commutes can make your waistline grow. You’ll be sitting, whether it’s in your car or on public transport, which cuts down on the chance to build some physical fitness into your day. If you have to commute pretty far, make sure you plan for exercise at another time during the day.


You Live on a Busy Street

You Live on a Busy Street When you live in a busy place, research shows that you may have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone can increase your appetite, leading to overeating and a flabby belly. The theory is that all the constant background noise and activity can subconsciously drive you nuts. Use a noise machine or soft music to make your home a relaxing retreat and you could be thinner in no time.


Making Your Mind Work Overtime

Making Your Mind Work Overtime Women are masters of multitasking, but that can interfere with a healthy body. A study found that women who were able to focus on one thing at a time were able to lose more belly fat than those who had too much on their mind all at one time. When you learn to focus, you can resist urges to overeat or skip your workout.


You Aren’t Getting Enough Calcium

You Aren’t Getting Enough Calcium Women need calcium to build healthy and strong bones and teeth. However, adequate calcium levels also play a role in a flat waistline. Research shows that low-fat dairy foods, which are your best source of calcium, can help keep your tummy flat by burning belly fat and helping block new fat from being stored.


Not Getting Good Sleep

Not Getting Good Sleep When you’re tired, your body’s production to hunger hormones goes up, which can lead to belly flab. Your quality of sleep matters too, because tossing and turning in bed at night can raise those hormones as well. If you’re having trouble getting good sleep, talk to your doctor about what you can do to make it better.

Are any of these things making your belly flabby?

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