Turbo-Charged Outdoor Exercises to Get Fit and Fabulous Overnight ...


Turbo-Charged Outdoor Exercises to Get Fit and Fabulous Overnight ...
Turbo-Charged Outdoor Exercises to Get Fit and Fabulous Overnight ...

It’s summertime, which means you’re probably taking things outside as often as possible. That includes your exercise routine. If you love getting your workout in while you enjoy the great outdoors, it pays to find things that you enjoy, but that also burn mega calories so you can lose some weight if you want to. The following methods are ones that are proven to work and that you can have some fun with at the same time. Talk to your doctor before you start a new routine to prevent injuries and to keep your health on the up and up.

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Running is Always a Good Choice

person, human action, beauty, portrait photography, grass, Running is the perfect form of exercise because you can do it anywhere there’s a path and you only need a good pair of shoes to be ready. If the heat bothers you, it’s probably best to run early in the morning or after dinner so you don’t get overheated, which can be dangerous. Pounding the pavement burns hundreds of calories, which helps you create the deficit necessary to lose weight.


Take Your Bike out for a Ride

clothing, photo shoot, model, footwear, thigh, Summer is the perfect time to go for a bike ride. It’s not as strenuous as other forms of exercise, but it still burns quite a few calories. You can burn a couple hundred in a pretty short ride. Plus, you’ll also be working your legs, glutes and core, which helps boost your metabolism, further increasing your body’s ability to burn calories.


Take a Dip in the Pool

clothing, swimwear, muscle, leg, model, Whether you hit the local pool or you have one in your backyard, swimming is a great workout. It feels nice and cool even though you are working up a sweat. Exercise that is way too fun to feel like exercise? I’m in! In addition to burning calories, swimming also works virtually every muscle group in your body so you can tone up at the same time that slim down.


Hit the Sand for a Beach Volleyball Tournament

sports, volleyball, team sport, ball game, racquet sport, Playing in the sand requires more balance than flat ground because the sand shifts, which means you have to use your body to keep from falling. That translates to mega benefits for your core and leg muscles. But you can also count it as cardio because a single game burns nearly 300 calories. You’ll also work your shoulders, arms and back while you’re at it.


Stand up Paddleboarding is Always Fun

Stand up Paddleboarding is Always Fun Also called SUP, stand up paddleboarding is getting its 15 minutes of fame. You can do the workout in the ocean or a river, so even land bound girls can benefit from this one. It’s sort of like surfing, but the paddle helps you stay upright. While you’re having a really good time (because you will), you’re also burning around 100 calories and working the muscles all over your entire body.


Walking around Your Neighborhood

person, sports, athlete, human action, physical fitness, If you don’t like running, walk instead. It’s nearly as effective for a workout, burning over 100 calories, and it less strenuous than jogging. All you have to do is put on a pair of shoes and hoof it around the block a couple of times. You’ll rev your metabolism and work the muscles in your lower body.


Play a Couple Matches of Tennis

clothing, undergarment, underpants, miniskirt, thigh, Tennis is the perfect summer sport. You can do it outdoors and you get to wear adorable clothes at the same time. Playing tennis means covering a couple of miles as you run back and forth across the court. As an added bonus, you essentially do a ton of intervals while you play, further boosting calorie burn while you tone the muscles all over your body.

What outdoor exercise do you prefer in the summertime? Will you try any of these to shake things up?

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Love volleyball. It is brilliant esp in the summer

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