The Best Way to Lose Weight According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

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The Best Way to Lose Weight According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Ever wondered about the best ways to lose weight according to your zodiac sign? Losing weight is one of the most empowering and satisfying things that a person can do, but the tricky part comes in the fact that every single person in the world is different, and therefore often needs a different type of inspiration and motivation in order to be able to fulfill their fitness potential. If you are somebody who invests a lot of faith in the world of astrology, then you will know that our star signs can provide a lot of information and guidance on a lot of different areas in life, and weight loss is absolutely one of those areas. Did you know that your preferred methods and avenues for weight loss can be deciphered from your star sign? Here are the best ways to lose weight according to your zodiac sign.

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An Aquarius always has to be on the cutting edge of everything, which means that you will be most at home trying out all of the latest experimental diets and workouts. Lots of cleanses and lots of dance inspired exercise for you.



You will definitely need something that is going to mentally stimulate you as much as it will physically stimulate you. For that reason, yoga, tai chi, swimming and a spot of meditation on the side are the best options for Pisces.


Pisces are known for their creativity, so they should look for a form of exercise that will stimulate them mentally as well as physically. Yoga, tai chi, swimming, and meditation are excellent choices for Pisces, as they will help to strengthen both the body and mind. Additionally, Pisces should consider adding some light weight training exercises to their routine to help build strength and tone muscles. Finally, they should make sure to stay hydrated and get enough rest, as these are essential components of any successful weight loss plan.



You have a really competitive edge to everything that you do, so for weight loss, the best thing to do is to get involved in group classes, as well as downloading as many apps as you want that will encourage you to keep beating previous scores and targets!



Your slow, methodical nature means that you often get stuck in your ways, but you also like luxury. The best thing for you is to take the advice of a personal trainer at a gym, and then enjoy all of the relaxing facilities after a workout!



You love being on the move thanks to your restless nature, so taking up running is the perfect thing for a Gemini. It will keep you fit and also not make you bored because planning new routes every week means you will be taking in the different scenery.

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You are a natural homemaker, so it will be best to start with your diet rather than with exercise. You will take great pleasure in researching weight loss recipes that are healthy and delicious, learning a few cooking skills along the way!



You love to be social, so the only way to go for a Leo is to get involved in a team sport. Whether it’s football, netball, or even something like rowing, the more social the event is, the happier you will be.



All Virgos are perfectionists, so you need to be doing something that you can work toward being exemplary at. This could be something like perfecting all of the different strokes whilst swimming, something to focus on whilst also making you incredibly fit!



Libras don’t like to experience anything too extreme, so a fasting diet or high-intensity workouts won’t be the thing for you. Why not start off by trying yoga? It will make your body feel better in a short space of time and could lead you on to more impactful exercise later on.



In total opposites to Libras, Scorpios love taking things to the extreme! Simply gym visits aren’t going to cut it for you, so you want to be looking the direction of things like kick-boxing, rock climbing, free running…anything that is going to get your blood pumping and adrenaline going!



A Sagittarius hates anything that feels like a chore, so you need to find an exercise that is fun as well as healthy. Hiking can be a great starting point because it opens you up to beautiful scenery and you can also enjoy exercising with friends who like to gossip!



Capricorns are very strict with themselves as a general rule, so you might be suited to a calorie controlled diet that some people wouldn’t be able to abide by. Lots of fruit and veg and plenty of organic goods, and no processed junk!

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