7 Ways to Reverse Bad Diet Decisions ...


7 Ways to Reverse Bad Diet Decisions ...
7 Ways to Reverse Bad Diet Decisions ...

If you are on a regular schedule of making bad diet decisions, it is time to stop this, take action and reroute your course to weight loss and bettered health. Your bad decisions are keeping you from seeing results so make a change starting today. In order to achieve your goals you have to set your priorities and stick with them to reverse your poor diet decisions. Here are the ways to reverse these decisions and come out ahead slim, strong and satisfied!

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Dining out Frequently

Although it is always nice for the occasional break from cooking, if this is becoming a constant in your life you could be missing out. Frequently dining out will make it difficult to lose way on stay on the even course to achieving your goals. It is much more difficult to eat healthy when dining out because you have no control over the ingredients!


Love to Fry Food

Okay sure frying food may make your food taste great but this will greatly stand in your way from losing weight. Frying food will add a significant amount of calories and fat so swap this out for baking your favorite fried dish. Your body will thank you back with great results!


Despise Your Veggies

Your side dish of veggies is always the last thing you put on your plate and it is always minimal. Stop despising your veggies and start making them the star of your meal. Combine veggies in a stir fry and enjoy with your meal instead of as a side dish!


Skip Meals Often

Because of your busy life and continually watching your weight, you skip your meals quite often. As a result you have a sluggish metabolic rate and continual mood swings. Set the clock to eat every 2-3 hours mini meals to boost your metabolism and combat all mood swings forever!


Love Your Juice

You love you daily glass of OJ but unfortunately this choice is adding almost 300 calories and a load of sugar. Swap this out for water and have a small tangerine which is less sugar and way more satisfying


Enjoy Your Sweets

Every night you find yourself grazing the kitchen for your daily fix of sweets. Skip the unnatural daily sweets for an apple to better your health and lose weight! 30 days of this and you will adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle!


Irregular Sleep Schedule

Your sleep patterns are all over the map and a result you are feeling stressed. As a result, your body will secrete the hormone cortisol which causes weight gain. So get to bed at the same time daily and make new healthy habits!

So reverse the bad diet decisions that are adversely affecting your life and make healthy changes for a better lifestyle!

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Great post!

Um what if you have SAD

Jules, SAD is actually complicated by the poor habits mentioned here. Eat a healthy diet, get the rest and exercise you need, and see your doctor about appropriate SAD treatments. I've been dealing with major depressive episodes for about twenty years.

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