10 Mindless Solutions to Kick the Habit of Mindless Eating ...


10 Mindless Solutions to Kick the Habit of Mindless Eating ...
10 Mindless Solutions to Kick the Habit of Mindless Eating ...

So often you find yourself dipping your hand into the bag of chips only to eat them all without even realizing. Or you taste so many bites of the meal you are cooking you overeat. When boredom strikes you occupy yourself by eating. All the mindless eating is sabotaging your weight loss and holding you back from meeting your goals of kicking those excess pounds to the curb. Mindless eating is causing your mind to go wild and your pants to become tight. So before you buy a bigger size, check out my solutions and let me help you to combat your mindless eating problems and achieve your goals!

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Stop Eating from the Bag

Stop Eating from the Bag Your mindless eating from the bag of veggie chips is killing your weight loss plan. The sheer choice of eating from the bag rather than taking the adequate portion and putting it on a plate can cause you to lose track. And if you lose track of what you are doing, you will end up eating more!


Chew Gum While You Cook

food, sweetness, fla, .ns, A taste here, another taste there and before you know it; you have eaten way too much. Your mindless eating while you are cooking is becoming more than just taste testing. You are tipping the scale by testing too much. So chew gum while you cook and never taste more than a spoonful again!


Pre Plan Your Meal

Pre Plan Your Meal Spontaneous action is a way to lose when it comes to weight loss. Because if you want to lose weight you need to plan your meals in advance. Preparation is key to success so stock the pantry and refrigerator with healthy goodness. And plan for weight loss starting today!


Ditch the Junk

Ditch the Junk Stop blaming entertaining or the kids for your array of junk in the cupboards. There is no way you have the will power to not eat any of this so chances are you have eaten your fair share. Before you fall off track to your weight loss goal, ditch the junk from your life. This simple choice will help you to reframe your thinking and lose weight!


Have a Glass of Water

Have a Glass of Water Since thirst is so often confused with hunger, drink up for your health and weight loss and enable your body to perform at its best. If you stay hydrated your skin will look better and you will cure your mindless eating!


Go for a Walk

human action, clothing, person, muscle, swimwear, Clear your mind with a therapeutic walk to release any negative energy and get your mind off of eating. If you just ate within the hour, chances are you are not really hungry. So go for a 20 minute walk and reassess your hunger pangs when you return.


Get to Bed Sleepy Head

white, black, photograph, clothing, person, Your continual stroll around the kitchen is only causing you to eat more and ignore the signs of fullness. Are you really hungry or are the cravings you are having pure boredom? Tune in before you tune out and overeat. And when in doubt get to bed earlier so you avoid a diet disaster!


Use Smaller Plates

dish, meal, food, cuisine, lunch, Like not eating from the bag, using a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking you ate more. Filling up a small plate, however, saves you calories in the long run because you are actually consuming less.


Decrease Variety

dish, meal, food, lunch, cuisine, Studies show that having a wide variety of food at your disposal leads people to eat 23% more. Limiting flavors in a meal causes your tastes to go numb after awhile making your body not want it anymore, leading to less calories taken in.


Out of Sight out of Mind

clothing, leg, thigh, black hair, fashion, Not only is this a great trick for toddlers, it also works for those struggling with mindless eating. By keeping junk food out of sight, you're less likely to consume it because you have to search for it. A great trick is leaving healthy foods on the counter so as to reach for that out of convenience as opposed to something unhealthy.

So with these mindless eating solutions, how will you combat the battle of the excited fork and achieve your weight loss goals?

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