You Learned These Slim Secrets Back in Kindergarten ...


You Learned These Slim Secrets Back in Kindergarten ...
You Learned These Slim Secrets Back in Kindergarten ...

Whether you knew it or not, there were some important lessons that you learned in kindergarten that can help you stay slim for life. Simple things like a daily snack time, recess to get that blood flowing, nap time, and staying active throughout the day will help you to stay slim for your life. These are things that you start doing as a child and it takes us until adulthood to realize how these tricks kept us slim as children. So relearn the slimming secrets you were taught back in kindergarten starting now:

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Move like Crazy

Moving, jumping, running and the constant activity does a body good. This can help you to stay slim and feel great. Watch the energy of a kindergartener and it seems like it is nonstop. Take a page of a tikes book and try it yourself, this could be a major stay slim secret!


Snack All Day

As an adult we often push ourselves until we are famished and then we eat a big meal. If you were to eat like a kindergartener you would have snack time and graze rather than gorge. This is a major shift in your outlook on eating and can reap slimming benefits for your body!


Never over Eat

Just watch a kindergarten child eat as they graze on each meal and never gorge. They do not want to waste another minute sitting when the world is their playground. They want to get up, get going and meal time is often a nuisance to their day. If you took this philosophy as an adult, I bet this would help you to slim down!


Run on Your Own Playground

Remember as a child when you would take over the playground running from one play equipment to the next. This was your oasis and you never wanted to leave. So perform your own playground exercises like tricep dips at a park bench, step ups and of course run for fun!


Take a Nap Everyday

Nap time should be mandatory in everyone’s life every single day. This will allow you to refocus, rejuvenate and boost your energy. Nap time can also help to slim you down by increasing your metabolism. So put your feet up and take a 15 minute snooze to better your day!


Play Your Own Games of Tag

Running is something you have been doing all your life probably often not even looking to this as a workout. Do you remember running countless times throughout the day as a kindergarten child? And the games of tag at recess? All of this energy expended equals countless calories which kept you slim like a fat burning machine. So get outside and go for a run today to channel your childhood roots and many games of tag!


Get to Bed Early

As a kindergartener your parents put you to bed early and at the same time pretty much every night. With this you had plenty of rest to recuperate from the day, boosted your metabolism and woke up with a great deal of energy for the next day! So get to bed early and live like a child so you awake on top of the world tomorrow!

So reach your inner child roots with these super tips so you can slim down and shape up!

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Haha this is so cute

Ha these things are true, I guess when you get older and you have work and school you can't run around and be free as often.

Never thought of that way but yes genius keep in mind💋💕💗

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