Is Your Crutch Preventing Weight Loss?


Is Your Crutch Preventing Weight Loss?
Is Your Crutch Preventing Weight Loss?

You’ve tried dieting many times and failed miserably. However, did you ever stop to think that just maybe you use food as a crutch when you feel anxious or stressed? Some people rely on drugs or alcohol to make it through a tough day, and then there are others that overeat to reduce their bad feelings.

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Why You Overeat

Just as people develop bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and compulsive shopping, many also use food as a way to restore inner comfort. This habit may come from your childhood, social engagements, boredom, or feelings of fatigue. Identifying why you overeat will allow you to conquer it and achieve your weight loss goals.


Filling the Void

In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to identify the triggers that prompt you to eat even when you are not hungry. Otherwise, you’ll return to your original weight in short order. Once you find the weak settings, you can fill the void. For instance, if you become overstressed at work and find that you reach for a candy bar, take a walk instead. Or, perhaps, watching a movie triggers unhealthy snacking. Here, you can replace popcorn or chips with raw vegetables or a hobby that requires the use of your hands.


Preparing Proper Foods

Some people have much success with weight loss on their own. They know the foods they need to eat and the ones they should limit or avoid. They weigh themselves daily from the comfort of their home. As the numbers begin to go down, they become inspired to keep going. However, there are others who need someone outside to assist with their diet and progress and keep them moving along. For the latter group of people, weight loss programs that take a hands-on approach can prove highly beneficial.


Beverages with Hidden Calories

Consuming sugary drinks, fruit juice, and even tea or coffee with cream and sugar will increase your daily caloric intake without notice. Instead, carry a bottle of water with you. This way, when you feel thirsty and need a drink, you won’t add any unwanted calories. With regard to your morning cup of tea or coffee, substitute the cream with low-fat milk, and reduce your intake of sugar.


Benefits of Exercise

No diet can be successful without the addition of physical exercise several times a week. Exercise helps to keep the body fit and toned. This is especially beneficial when dieting to lose excessive amounts of weight. Without exercise, you will lose weight. However, your body will have leftover stretched, sagging skin. While dieting and reducing your caloric intake, exercise will firm skin and develop strong masses of muscle. It also helps you burn more calories and as a result, lose weight faster.


Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Restoring your body to a healthy weight will require commitment. Many people give up after just a week or two and return to their old unhealthy eating habits. Try to keep in mind that the weight did not come on overnight and practice patience. The results will follow, however, it will take time. Remember that with each pound that you lose you’re getting healthier every day.


Realistic Goals

Setting realistic and achievable goals is key to promoting positivity with your weight loss. A daily journal where you list your current weight and measurements will allow you to see your progress and keep you moving towards the ultimate weight goal.

You can lose weight by identifying certain environments that prompt you to eat unnecessarily and adopting a healthy diet combined with regular exercise.

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