7 Best Worst Diet Advice from Leading Weight Loss Plans ...


7 Best  Worst Diet Advice from Leading Weight Loss Plans ...
7 Best  Worst Diet Advice from Leading Weight Loss Plans ...

There’s absolutely no dearth of diet plans – be it on the internet or in your neighborhood book store. In fact, you can have a tough time trying to decide which one to follow...or not. Here are 7 Best and surprisingly worst diet advice from leading weight loss plans. You can put these bite sized diet tips into action asap!

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Dr. Phil- Daytime Talk Show Host, Dr Phil, Outlines Seven Crucial Elements for Weight Loss

Best Tip: Exposure to fattening and unhealthy foods should be reduced. For obvious reasons, if it’s not in front of you, you won’t eat it.

Not-so-great tip: While walking, use exercise poles to burn more calories. This tip only helps if you are walking really long distances or cross-country skiing. For short distances, it doesn’t work out to be a very effective tip.


You: on a Diet - Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen Have Developed a Two-week Diet Program That Promises to Work Wonders

Best tip: Instead of being obsessed with a specific ideal weight, it’s better to decide on a range. This is a wiser approach to weight loss since it makes allowance for minor fluctuations in your weight that happen normally.

• **Not-so-great tip: **Have the same meal for breakfast as well as lunch every day. The lack of variety can frustrate you, making it difficult to stick to the diet.


Skinny Bitch- a Former Model’s Frank and Straightforward Motto is Meant to Shock People into Making Drastic Changes

• **Best tip: **Read the ingredients. It makes you more aware of what you are eating and you will be less inclined to binge on food that has fattening stuff in it.

Not-so-great tip: Adopt a vegan diet. Not too many can cope with such a restrictive diet and often end up discontinuing the plan.


French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook- Written by French-born Mireille Guiliano, This Book Looks at the Difference between American and French Portions as Well as Eating Techniques and Identifies How It Can Affect Weight Loss

• **Best tip: **Stick to small portions. This allows you to sample a little bit of everything without having to deny yourself anything.

Not-so-great tip: To resist the tempting aromas floating out of restaurants and bakeries, smell a sprig of lavender. Not a very practical tip. Not only can lavender give you a sneezing fit, you would also look really silly sniffing it every now and then.


The Beck Diet Solution - This Diet Solution, Written by Dr. Judith Beck, is Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Trains You to Change the Way You Think about Eating

Best tip: Know the difference between hunger and cravings. By giving the body only what it needs not wants, you can cut down on intake of unnecessary calories.

Not-so-great tip: Just say, "Oh well." This is not the best answer to all those times when you are dying to binge on a chocolate cake or can’t muster enough will power to go to the gym.


Suzanne Somers- the Somers’ Diet Doesn't Exclude Fat Completely. It Asks You to Steer Clear of Sugary Things and Have High-protein, Low-carb Meals

Best tip: Give yourself occasional treats. Constant denial can be a pain but occasional rewards can keep you motivated.

Not-so-great tip: If you can’t get whole wheat pasta in the restaurant, bring your own and ask the chef to cook it especially for you. Sounds highly doubtful if this tip will work everywhere.


The Thrive Diet- Designed by Brendan Brazier, a Professional Ironman Tri-athlete, the Thrive Diet Meal Plan Focuses on Having More Whole Foods That Are High on Nutrition in Your Diet

• **Best tip: **Reduce the amount of processed foods you eat. Whole foods, rich in fiber will help you lose weight fast.

•** Not-so-great tip: **Eat raw. It’s not advisable to do so, since it can lead to deficiencies in nutrients like iron, protein, and calcium.

I guess the best diet is taking in the good advice from different weight loss plans and weeding out the bad. So which of these above mentioned tips do you plan to incorporate into your weight loss regimen?

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