7. Be Active

Aside from walking, a fantastic way to increase your chances of losing winter weight, is to be active however you can. Work standing up if you work from home, either at a table or standing desk. Do chores like laundry, dishes, and cooking all those healthy foods you’re going to be eating. Even getting out to do errands counts. Whatever you do, just don’t sit on the couch all day, or at a desk without getting up to move every hour.

Being active will do more for your winter weight than you can imagine, and the little things add up quickly.

I like to stay just as active in winter as I do the rest of the year, and by doing so, I don’t let myself get out of the healthy habit. I’m also happier for it and I am more inspired to take care of my diet when I’m active as well. Make your diet, sleep, and activity levels top priority when trying to avoid winter weight gain. It is hands down the best way to drop winter weight fast. Do you have any tips for losing winter weight?

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