7 Ways to Not Put on Weight While on Vacation ...


It’s summer and you’re about to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Delicious food, lounging at the beach and partying all night is all that’s on your mind, but what about your figure? Not gaining weight during vacation may seem like an impossible feat but staying fit isn’t very difficult at all! Check out how you can enjoy a great vacation without packing on the pounds!

1. Plan Ahead

Like all diets and workout plans, planning ahead is extremely important to avoid weight gain while on vacation. Depending on your vacation destination, it’s easy to plan what activities are available and which ones you might be interested in. A beach isn’t just for lounging around- you could easily bring a swimsuit and squeeze in a workout in the water. If you know there will be tempting foods, plan ahead to choose healthier alternatives or bring some of your own snacks.

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