7 Ways to Not Put on Weight While on Vacation ...

It’s summer and you’re about to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Delicious food, lounging at the beach and partying all night is all that’s on your mind, but what about your figure? Not gaining weight during vacation may seem like an impossible feat but staying fit isn’t very difficult at all! Check out how you can enjoy a great vacation without packing on the pounds!

1. Plan Ahead

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Like all diets and workout plans, planning ahead is extremely important to avoid weight gain while on vacation. Depending on your vacation destination, it’s easy to plan what activities are available and which ones you might be interested in. A beach isn’t just for lounging around- you could easily bring a swimsuit and squeeze in a workout in the water. If you know there will be tempting foods, plan ahead to choose healthier alternatives or bring some of your own snacks.

2. Fit in Fitness

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There are tons of exercise opportunities on vacation; you just have to make time for them. Book a hotel with exercise facilities; go on a hike or jog along the boardwalk. Exercise shouldn’t be the focus of your vacation, but you should keep it in mind. There’s no reason you can’t stay fit while having fun.

3. Avoid a Double Standard

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Vacation is meant to be a break from your hectic life. However, try to avoid a double standard when on vacation in order to not gain weight. If you usually exercise regularly or avoid certain foods, try your best to replicate your usual routine. Vacation should be a time of relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away all you’ve worked for.

4. Indulge in Moderation

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You’ve worked hard to keep fit all year. You should be allowed to indulge a little bit. Indulging in moderation- whether it’s local delicacies or just junk food- is the key to avoiding weight gain during vacation. Don't binge, but also don't deprive yourself. As long as do everything in moderation, you will have no problem keeping those pounds in check while having a blast!

5. Watch Your Alcohol

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Alcohol may be one of your biggest enemies during vacation, but have no fear! If you know there will be a party at night, cut down on some calories during the day. When partying, choose drinks with little sugar and indulge in moderation. Don’t let too many cocktails ruin a whole day of being healthy and staying on track.

6. Avoid Staying Indoors Too Long

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We’ve all been there- sitting in our room and munching on snacks as we lay around. You’re on vacation, go outside and enjoy yourself! In order to not gain weight during vacation, it’s important that you stay active. If you’ve been lounging in bed for too long, try to go for a walk, explore a new activity- anything to keep you moving.

7. Treat Yourself Well

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After all this advice on how to stay fit during vacation, the bottom line is that you are indeed taking a break and absolutely deserve to have an incredible time! Keep these tips in mind, but don’t let the fear of gaining weight overpower your ability to having a great vacation.

See? It's completely possible to stay fit, and not put on weight while on vacation! Which of these tips have you tried? How else do you stay fit while on vacation? Please share!

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