7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism ...


7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism ...
7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism ...

We all know that dieting can be hard. But I am here to introduce you to a secret weapon in maintaining a healthy weight — your metabolism. Your body is constantly using energy at all times of the day, even when you're sitting around reading your favorite articles on All Women's Stalk. But even with a fast metabolism, your body can always use a little help, which is why I have complied 7 easy ways for you to give your metabolism a boost.

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Drink Caffeine

Caffeine doesn’t just give you the energy needed to start your day, it gives your metabolism a boost too. Caffeine raises your body’s ability to burn fat and can help with weight loss. Some scientists have even claimed that it can raise your metabolism by as much as 10%. All kinds of drinks like coffee, soda, and energy drinks have caffeine, but if you are health conscious it is best to stick with options like black coffee and tea.



Everyone knows that exercising burns calories, but did you know that long after your workout is done, your body is still working off energy? In the hours after a workout, your metabolism is still in kicked into high gear. The more intense the workout, the higher your metabolic rate. As an extra tip, to burn a meal off faster, eat after a workout instead of before.


Bulk up

Your time at the gym probably consists mostly of running and cardio. But if you really want to boost your metabolism, head over to lift some weights with the boys. Muscle burns more energy then fat does, and muscular people have an overall faster metabolism. I’m not saying you have to become a professional body builder, but doing some light lifting at the gym can have a heavy impact on your metabolism.


Eat Your Meat

Protein, Protein, Protein. It's one of the necessities of a well balanced diet and has a huge impact on your metabolism. Your body will spend more energy digesting protein than sugars or carbs. Protein also helps build muscle which burns more energy and increases your metabolism. Protein can be found in all kinds of lean meats, nuts, eggs, beans and tofu. With so many yummy options, it’s easy to make sure you get enough protein while eating foods you love.


Spice It up

Adding some spice to your life now has a whole new meaning. Some chemicals found in foods like chili peppers have been linked to a faster metabolism. The heat activates your nervous system and kicks your body into high gear, burning a lot of energy with it. Try eating a tablespoon of chopped chili pepper (make sure to have a glass of water on hand), or sprinkle some on your pasta, pizza, or any of your favorite foods.


Cool It down

Drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day does more than cool you down, it uses energy. Your body must work hard to bring the water’s temperature up to the temperature of your body. Drinking enough water is vital because if your body is dehydrated, your metabolism won’t be working at full capacity. So drink 8 cold glasses a day to keep your body hydrated and working hard.


Don’t Skip Meals

Our bodies natural instinct is to keep fat on our bodies for as long as possible, and when we skip meals, that instinct kicks in. If you skip a meal, your body thinks you’re starving and will prevent itself from burning fat. You can avoid this by not skipping meals or using crash diets that have no nutritional value. The best way to plan your meals is to have 4 small meals a day and snack in between.

Which of these tips worked best for you? Do you have any other suggestions for how to boost your metabolism?

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I really need to live by tip 7… cus i hardly eat 2 meals a day

Caffeine actually boosts up your metabolism?

Hallelujah #3, wished you would've called it pumping iron instead of bulking up however, it is true lift weights ladies!!!

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