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As I prepare for an upcoming vacation, I am reviewing the ways to avoid weight gain while on vacation. Being a certified trainer and nutritionist for over a decade, I am experienced with helping others stay on track, but it is always important to stay focused. At times, even I need a reminder. Certain tips like staying active and making healthier choices can make a huge difference on the scale. So let me help you with these ways to avoid weight gain while on vacation:

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Walk when Possible

If your destination is just three blocks away, why in the world would you drive there? Walk when possible on vacation so you can burn off your extra vacation calories and also see the sites on foot. Walking more frequently tops the ways to avoid weight gain while on vacation!


Skip the Appetizers

Vacation is a time to relax and unwind, but this does not mean you need to stuff yourself silly, so skip the appetizers. Often after eating the appetizer at a meal, you find yourself full by the time the meal comes, so avoid this overindulgence. Make your vacation about new memories and activities, not new meals.


Share Dessert

So you want to let go of dieting on vacation and enjoy dessert? I totally get this because this is the time I let go a little as well. But the key is moderation, so share dessert and do not eat large quantities or you will be paying for it with a stomach ache. By eating healthy you have adopted a healthy lifestyle, so remember this while you are on your vacation soaking up the sun!


Exercise in the Morning

Now, as a trainer, I could not imagine losing a week of fitness, because that would affect my training for competitive running events. But what about those who are not training for races? You can utilize your vacation time to go for a leisurely run to enjoy the sites, or a bike ride along the ocean. I have had some of my best runs while on vacation and so can you!


Make Salad the Major Meal

Just like when you are home, make salad the main meal because by the time your entrée comes, you will not overeat. Eating large amounts of salad will help you to avoid stomach issues while on vacation, and as a result you will have a better getaway!


Sign up for a Race

While registering for a race may not be for everyone, I must mention that some of my greatest memories while away involve running a race. So sign up for a race and make new fitness memories while on vacation!


Eat One Meal out a Day

Rather than eating three high sodium, high fat and high caloric meals out on vacation, why not just eat one meal out? I prefer to eat my breakfast and lunch at the hotel or pool when I am away and then I only have one dining out meal to worry about. The best way to prepare for this is to go food shopping while on vacation. Stock up on oatmeal and have a salad or whole grain wrap for lunch. This will help you to eliminate uncomfortable bloating while on vacation!

Now that you are aware of the ways to stay slim and avoid weight gain while on vacation, what are you waiting for? Make your fitness plans while you are away so that you can have a happy, healthy and fit getaway!

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This is so helpful, I leave for out of town on Friday and this is definitely gonna help

its all about the walking and taking in the scenery this helps with the overindulgence x

love these advices.live 2 go on the road

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