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7 Reasons to Lose Weight and Better Your Health Starting Today ...

By Tara

Aside from looking better, there are many lifesaving reasons to lose weight. Achieving a healthy weight range should be your number one priority before looks because you only have one life, so you should live it right! So do you have what it takes to transform your life, one pound at a time? Then take the first step by reading the reasons to lose weight and better your health starting today:

1 You Lower Your Risk of Cancer

By shedding some excess pounds, you can lower your risk of breast cancer. Excess body fat produces more estrogen, which is the hormone connected to breast cancer. Lowering your risk of breast cancer is one of the major reasons to lose weight and begin a fitness program starting today!

2 You Will Elevate Your Mood

Losing weight and exercising can elevate your mood significantly and even decrease your risk of depression. Less than 10% of women have depression when at a normal weight. This is a great reason to get working out and prioritizing your health!


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3 Your Workouts Are More Enjoyable

Exercising with an excess weight can make fitness a real drag. But lose this weight and you will feel an extra spring in your step. So start exercising and making healthier food choices, you will be amazed at the difference in how you feel both during and after your workout sessions.

4 You Will Get Sick Less

People at a healthier weight tend to get sick less. How great would it be to only visit your doctor for well checkups? This can all be possible if you begin to exercise and commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Only you can make this change, so make it today for both you and your family.

5 You Can Think Clearer

People that exercise and weigh less have a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Focus on eating healthier and exercising so you can achieve a healthier weight range and think clearer. If you are an avid exerciser and health lover, you may be thinking, "No wonder I am so smart!" Yes, this is true - you can have more collective thought if you exercise and eat healthier.

6 You save Money on Food

Eating healthy organic food can cost a lot of money but if you look at the money you are saving on the junk food and the possible doctor’s bills, it is a no brainer. Invest in yourself and your health by making wiser food choices. You will be glad you did this today and for years to come.

7 You Will Have a Healthier Heart

Did you know that the heavier you are, the more likely you are to develop heart related issues? This is especially the case if you tend to harbor belly fat. Lose weight to lower your risk of developing heart related health issues and having a more fruitful life! You can start by choosing more fruits and veggies, along with going for a walk today!

Now that you know the reasons to lose weight starting today, what are you waiting for? This should motivate you to get up, get going and change your life! Every day we make a choice in who we want to be, so who do you want to be today? Be the best version of you by focusing on your fitness and health!

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