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With reality shows like Extreme Weight Loss so focused on health, there are numerous great tips from weight loss reality shows that can help you to transform your body and your life. Extreme Weight Loss is an incredible example of a weight loss show that focuses on the mental and physical transformation. This show is run over the course of a year, led by certified trainer and life coach Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi. I had the privilege of speaking to Charita, a contestant on the show. She was on the May edition of Extreme Weight Loss, losing 150 pounds over the course of a year. Charita provided some insight as well as helpful tips. Here are some tips from weight loss reality shows that can help you to make a change starting today:

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It is Okay to Be Vulnerable

Charita said when she contacted Chris Powell from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, for the first time in her life she was able to open up about her flaws. So much of her life was hidden because she had wanted others to see her as a perfect, mother, wife and religious worshiper at church, when under the surface she was struggling with internal pain. So the take home lesson is to let others into your life and be vulnerable, because this will help you to lose weight. This is one of the most important tips from weight loss reality shows.


It Will Take a Lot of Work

After being chosen for Extreme Weight Loss, Charita underwent intense Bootcamp training under the guidance of Chris and Heidi Powell. She ran, did interval training, hiking, swimming, resistance training and Zumba for 4 hours every day. This intense regimen, along with healthy eating, helped her to lose 150 pounds over the course of a year.


It Takes Sacrifice

For the 3 months of Bootcamp, Charita was unable to see her husband or three children. Before this she had never been away for more than 2 days, so this was tough. But she knew that she had to make this sacrifice and focus on her weight loss journey. Weight loss reality shows take sacrifice but it's well worth it! Are you ready to make sacrifices in your life to lose weight?


Be Prepared to Face Your Inner Demons

There is usually an emotional reason that leads people to gain weight. Because of this, reality weight loss shows will often pair you with health coaches and psychologists. These professionals will help you to identify the real reason you are eating. Most often it is not hunger, so be prepared to face your inner demons and conquer them to transform your life! If you are trying to lose this weight by yourself, seek out friends and family members to discuss your struggles, because this is a vital part in helping you to transform.


Use This Time to Be Selfish

One of the main reasons weight loss reality shows seclude you from family and friends for several months is that they want you to have no distractions. Prioritizing your fitness and health is the one thing that is okay to be selfish about. Charita and many other reality weight loss contestants have undergone this process and it has helped them to make a healthy transformation.


Learn to Achieve Balance

On a reality show you have chefs preparing your healthy meals, trainers pushing you each day and you do not have the stress of work. In everyday life, you have to find balance. Extreme Weight Loss is the exception. It prepares you for the real world because for 9 months of the year, you are put on a weight loss program while working and fulfilling all the other responsibilities in your life. Make sure you find balance in your own life and find time for fitness daily!


Be Patient

Realize that weight loss reality shows contestants are working out for 4 hours or more each day. For most people, this is not possible to fit in their lives. Be patient with your weight loss! You did not gain 40 pounds in a month so do not expect to lose this in a month. Set achievable mini goals and stay motivated by treating yourself to non-food rewards when you reach each goal!

With these great tips from weight loss reality shows, are you ready to start your own competition with family and friends? Remember to show each other support and love because we all need a little help in achieving our goals sometimes, especially when it comes to weight loss! Wishing you better health, a leaner body and the happiest life!

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