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You are born with a certain body type and frame so what are the ways to lose weight based on this? There are three different body types and you can possess some or all of the characteristics of each body type. You can also have a combination of several body types. But have no fear! With certain exercises you can target your body type and reach your goal regardless of your genes. Here are the ways to lose weight based on your body type:

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What is Your Body Type

Determining your body type is one of the most important things to understand whichever ways to lose weight you choose because you can do exercises to target your trouble areas where you harbor more fat. You can also get on the right eating plan to work with the body type that you have. Overcome your genes to achieve your fitness goals!


Figure out Targeted Exercises

If you tend to harbor weight in your lower half, you will want to do specific exercises to target this area. The same goes for if your heavier area is your mid section. So after determining your body type, figure out the exercise that will help you to get in shape.


Mesomorphs This is for You

Mesomorphs have the advantage of being able to lose weight while maintaining a muscular body. This body type can lose weight quickly but also regain just as quick so it is important they maintain an exercise routine. They should have a diverse fitness regime that combines both cardio and strength training. As for diets, mesomorphs benefit most with six mini protein rich meals spread through the course of the day.


Ectomorphs Try This

If you are an ectomorph, you are tall and thin with an ultrafast metabolism. Ectomorphs should be careful not to burn muscle when exercising. Ectomorphs should focus on a health balanced diet with limited fats. The occasional treat is fine for the ectomorph body type. Ectomorphs benefit most from a strength training routine for 4 days and 2 days a week of cardio.


Endomorphs Practice This

If you are an endomorph, you tend to store fat easily on your hips and waistline and weight loss is a struggle. But do not be discouraged. You can combat your body type by eating six small meals a day and focusing on cardio exercise for one hour, 6 days a week.


Focus on a Clean Diet

Regardless if you have one of the body types or a combination of all three, it is vital to focus on a balanced diet plan that includes vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Read up and become more knowledgeable so that you can be aware of why you are making the better choice for your health and fitness results!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Catch plenty of zzzs so that you can lose weight and beat your body type. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night so that you can lose weight and overcome your body type genes. So hurry up and get to bed, sleepy head!

Remember, regardless of your body type and where you harbor fat, with a clean diet and exercise you can be in your very best shape. Are you ready for the challenge? Then get up and get moving; every step you take is one step closer to your goals!

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easier said then done. all of this does nothing for me

What about mesomorph?

I'm an endomorph. I've spent lotsa years hating my body but now I've come to embrace my curves and working around them to lose the weight. Great info :)

Great tips! This is so helpful :(

Great info! I'd forgotten about this!

Tara, could you please do a post on tips for how to eat six small protein rich meals a day? I find it really difficult to plan this and know what protein rich snacks to carry around during the day (I have no access to refrigeration during my work days). Thanks!

Never mind, my bad

Very true

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