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If you are a fitness professional in the industry as a trainer or health coach, then you have run into some weight loss challenges with your clients. It is not uncommon for your clients to hit weight loss plateaus, go through personal battles or just lack motivation, so how can you help? As a certified trainer you can help your client with these weight loss challenges through your inspiration, guidance and your motivation to overcome obstacles like these:

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Previous Injuries

If your client has had a previous injury or any preexisting conditions, you may find some of their workouts to be a challenge. So how do you target the same muscle groups when you have to lower the intensity? Don’t worry, this is one of the weight loss challenges that you as a trainer can work around for your client. Show your client the modifications so that they can lose weight without getting injured.


Hormonal Changes

With changes of estrogen for females through the month, you may notice your clients’ weight loss at a stall at certain points of the month. So what should you do as a trainer to help them overcome this? Encourage your clients to drink lots of water to eliminate excess bloating and lower sodium intake. Also make sure you have your clients continue to work out, because this will help keep weight at bay and also lower menstrual cramping.


Emotional Eating

You notice your client is eating late at night and making poor food choices whenever she is stressed. You ask her if she is sticking to the food plan and she replies, “Mostly.” So how do you get her back on track? Encourage your clients to have a food journal and write in this when they are having an unhealthy craving. Having to write down your emotions can remind you of what you should really be eating and help you regain focus.


Lack of Accountability

You train a client that has a reason each week for not reaching their weight loss goal or getting their workout in. After repeated excuses you start to notice something in common, your client lacks accountability. The best way to help your client is to sit down with them to address this. Chances are your client may not even realize that they are doing this. But with your guidance, you can help them get life under control.


Not Enough Motivation

You train your clients once a week and in these sessions you notice a high energy and motivation on their part. But on the days you are not present, your client begins to skip workouts or change the workout entirely, making it easier. Discuss what their goals are and remind them that they have to push themselves in order to lose weight. Remember, as the trainer it's your responsibility to motivate them during your sessions and also outside of this time.


Breaking Plateaus

After two weeks of a weight loss plateau, you notice your client getting frustrated, so how do you break this plateau? Review your client's diet, exercise plan and make a new plan. If you switch things up, even just slightly, you can see the number on the scale to go down again.


Saying Farewell

As your client reaches their weight loss goal, you may feel ready to send them off on their own to continue without your guidance. Just make sure that you allow your clients 4-6 weeks to maintain their weight loss with your help. This is the maintenance phase of training and once you get through this it is much easier to stay on track.

Do you find yourself running into any other weight loss challenges with your clients? Just help your client get focused and on track to achieve their goals. It is your job to help them reach what they may have thought was unreachable.

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