7 Best Protein Sources for Women Who Want to Lose Weight ...

Weight loss is not just about calories but about how your body uses the calories you eat, so it’s important to choose the best protein sources possible. Lean sources of protein actually help improve the metabolism just by eating them. Protein fills you up quickly, builds lean muscle, burns belly fat, and reduces hormone-related, physical, and mental stress. Not any protein will do though - when it comes to weight loss, stock up on the best protein sources and enjoy them several times throughout the day.

1. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt is a powerhouse of nutrition and one of the best protein sources you can eat to lose weight. It’s rich in calcium and magnesium which both reduce stress-related weight gain and it’s high in potassium that beats bloat. Best of all it’s a great source of vitamin B12 to boost metabolism and contains around 15-18 grams of lean protein in just 5-6 ounces. Always choose plain and nonfat varieties as the best weight loss option.

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