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Weight loss related stress is extremely common since the whole weight loss process is incredibly tedious, even if it means being healthier in the long run. Stress causes hormonal disruptions that cause weight gain, so to reverse this negative process, it’s crucial to eat in a way that doesn’t promote physical stress and to manage the emotional stress in your life. To do that, implement these tips to reduce weight loss related stress and apply them diligently each day to shed the weight and the stress all in one!

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Eliminate the Worst Foods

High-glycemic foods make weight loss related stress worse and also demean your health in just about every way possible. These foods include sugar of all kinds, refined grains, and processed foods. They’re hard for the body to process and also create mental stress due to their effects on the blood sugar. Eliminate them from your diet, your grocery list, and read labels diligently to make sure they’re not in any of your foods.


Take a Walk

If you’re running and exercising daily and not losing weight, it’s likely because your body and mind are stressed beyond belief. Take a calmer approach with a daily walk for about 45 minutes for a flatter belly, calmer mood, and reduced weight in just a few weeks. Walking decreases cortisol, while running actually increases it.


Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals trains your body to store fat instead of use it as a source of fuel, even if you’re not eating much dietary fat at all. Eating lets your body know that it can work as it pleases and use your metabolism to burn calories for fuel. Aim to eat three times a day, no matter what it takes.


Take Time to Unwind

Take time to relax for a few minutes during some part of your day as much as possible. This turns on hormones that help reduce the stress that leads to weight gain. I do this through fifteen minutes of stretching each night in a dark, quiet room and it makes a difference like you wouldn't believe.


Try Yoga

Yoga helps induce hormones that repel cortisol and bring the body back to balance. You don’t have to take a class or be advanced to get the benefits- just 10 minutes a day of a few poses will help!


Get Enough Rest

I see many women that shortchange themselves of rest and wonder why they can’t lose weight. This can happen for a few reasons, but most likely it’s because the lack of sleep changes the way your hormones act and can cause you to be hungrier throughout the day or just to make poorer food choices from excess stress. Get 7-8 hours, no matter what!


Do Other Things You Enjoy

To take your mind off your weight loss, try some options that work well for many women. These include spending time with friends, spending time in nature, taking up a hobby, and investing more into your dreams (which isn’t always your career). Thinking about your weight all the time isn’t healthy and finding other outlets is key to eliminating the source of stress as much as possible.

Weight loss related stress is hard to deal with but it’s not impossible to overcome. If you’ve lost weight and have some tips for reducing the stress surrounding the process, what tip would you give someone?

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Need help on weight gain from stress ... wish I could say stress caused weight loss !

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