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Want to reach your weight loss goal faster so that you can meet your goals? With all of life’s demands, events and many activities, working toward goals can be hard. As a certified trainer I am always helping clients to meet their weight loss goals. So would you like me to help you? Certain tips like eating healthy, creating a fitness schedule and pushing yourself in your workouts can make a huge difference on the scale. But without guidelines, how do you make this possible? Here are my trainer tips to help you to reach your weight loss goal:

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Create a Nonnegotiable Schedule

When it comes to working out, often people put this as the last priority on their list, when it should be the first. Jobs may come and go, even short term relationships are fluid, but your health is with you forever, so make this a priority! If you put your health as a priority, you will reach your weight loss goal.


Go Healthy Food Shopping

Instead of focusing on what you cannot eat, go food shopping for what you can eat. This will introduce you to a whole new healthier life! By healthy food shopping, you will bring all the colorful fruits and veggies into your home and you will embody a new, healthier and much happier lifestyle!


Start Pushing Yourself in Your Workouts

Anyone can go through the motions of exercise without really working, but you will get so much more if you focus and start pushing yourself in your workouts. Don’t you want to make your workout work? Then get working! When I run, I often feel like someone is pushing me. This is my inner strength from within, because I never want to give up.


Drink More Water

Start drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day so that you can speed up your metabolic rate. You will also find yourself less hungry. People often confuse thirst for hunger so always drink a glass or two of water before every meal!


Eat Mini Meals and Snacks

Look at the way young children eat, constantly grazing and usually wanting to avoid eating their full meal. Although you may think they are avoiding eating, this is actually the best way to approach eating. Children unknowingly have the right idea, because eating mini meals throughout the day will boost your metabolism. So start snacking your way to weight loss!


Listen to Your Body

If you find yourself feeling tired and you missed your morning workout, what should you do? Always listen to your body. Take a day off and you can come back stronger and exercise longer the next day. Always listen to your body cues.


Get Plenty of Rest

Focus on getting to bed earlier so you get plenty of rest. In an ideal world we would all sleep for 9-11 hours a night. But since this is usually not possible because of all of life's demands, get as much sleep as you can. 7-9 hours of sleep a night is sufficient, whereas 5 hours is deprivation. If you get the adequate amount of sleep, you will boost your metabolism!

With these trainer tips, you should be well on your way to taking steps to lose weight. Are you ready to lose weight fast and feel great? Wishing you fitness and health success!

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